Allie VanEssendelft

Paid Media Strategist


ABOUTAllie VanEssendelft

Paid Media Strategist

After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from the University of Georgia, Allie embarked on her professional journey. Her initial step led her to a pharmaceutical-focused advertising agency, where she assumed the role of a Paid Search Associate. It was during this period that Allie discovered her passion for paid media and her interest in facilitating access to healthcare for those in need.

As time passed, Allie yearned for a new direction, and that’s when she stumbled upon MGMT Digital. Here, she could shift her focus toward the behavioral health aspect of healthcare.

In her current position as a Paid Ads Specialist, Allie spends her time meticulously managing and optimizing our clients’ pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Her responsibilities encompass everything from keyword research and strategic campaign implementation to budget management and landing page optimizations, among other vital tasks.

Outside of work, Allie enjoys spending time with her husband, Justin, as well as their pets, Koda the australian shepherd/lab mix and Aemond the cat. Her personal interests include reading books, going kayaking, going out on the lake, and enjoying all things Disney-related.


Allie VanEssendelft

Paid Media Strategist

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