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How MGMT Help Make Your Program Stand Out.

Whether you are opening a brand-new facility or are looking to expand your established center, MGMT has years of experience working in the treatment industry. From program creation to licensing and accreditation we have experience assisting and working with your facility to make sure you are doing everything in accordance with the laws of your state and federally for healthcare providers. We help make sure that your rehab is maximizing your potential and expanding your business.

Some of the other services we offer include market research, strategic planning, financial planning, billing & utilization review, staffing, hiring & training, call center training, JACHO accreditation, admissions training, alumni program creation and more. We understand that each facility has different needs, which is why we won’t suggest the same thing for every facility. The goal is to make sure that your brand & program align and are effectively helping your business grow.

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