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Effectively tell your brand’s story online with effective social media marketing techniques.

Effective Social Media Marketing for Rehab Centers

What do you do when you’re seeking more information about a product or service? After you Google it and browse their website for a bit, you’ll likely head over to their social media platforms to get an even better sense of what they do and, crucially, how people feel about it.

Social media isn’t just selfies and staying in touch with long lost friends from high school anymore. It hasn’t been for ages at this point, over the years it’s become an essential component of the marketing plan for companies of all sizes and to great effect. Why? Because that’s where your audience is and with respect to Healthcare and rehab centers, being active on social means you can potentially save the lives of some of your audience. We’ve all seen the stories of cries for help from those suffering from addiction and other health issues going unanswered. In the digital age, more and more of those pleas are being shouted into the social media space.



Billion Users are on Facebook in the US

Half of the planet is on one platform or another and over 2/3rd of American adults are on Facebook alone.

Generationally speaking, 90% of millennials are there as well as nearly half of the notoriously non-tech-savvy Baby Boomers.

Ultimately, conducting social media marketing for rehab centers effectively means you’ll be delivering the message that help is just a click away to the people who need to see it most.

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Now, unfortunately, it’s not as simple or as easy as just creating an account and posting occasionally. To gain traction and be effective, you need to have a strategy and our healthcare social media service can help you do just that. This is as dynamic, if not more dynamic, of a piece of your overall marketing plan as any other. Regardless of the goals, getting it going in the right direction requires a few big-ticket items.

Once your accounts are created on the platforms that make the most sense for you, the next step is creating, posting and sharing content.

This could be everything from blog posts to Healthcare video marketing to links to the services on your site to informative studies that educate your audience.

Additionally, mixing it up and not always posting specifically about your rehab or treatment center is beneficial. Work in some inspirational and motivational content. For starters, it won’t feel like you’re constantly self-promoting and perhaps, more importantly, you never know who will stumble on your page and an uplifting message of hope might be just what they need. It may be a thankless moment but could mean the world to that person.

That said, what you post will end up being different for each of the social networks because certain types of content work better on Facebook than they do on Instagram or Twitter and that’s where having professional guidance comes in handy.

Once you’ve gotten into the habit of posting, you’ll start to find that you’ve moved into the process of creating a following. A community of like minded people who are gaining value and insight from what you’re sharing.

This is why we mentioned that including content outside of strictly what your services are is important because it won’t necessarily be all addicts that follow you, it’ll be friends and family looking for solutions. It might be people who are just inspired by your mission.

This is where we see the biggest misstep with social media marketing for rehab center, companies and individuals can be very adept at the “media” part of social media while fully neglecting the “social” side of it. And that’s a shame because the engagement side of it is where the value for both your audience and your company comes from.

Engaging with your audience makes your company and treatment center feel human. People who visit your site can’t communicate with it, they just get the information and go generally but on social media platforms, if they comment on something it means they’re interested, engage with that! Add more benefit to the exchange and create a deep relationship.

Of course, it’s not all roses, negative comments happen. But those are good too in their own way because those present both a chance to publicly address an issue before it gets worse and presents a wonderful opportunity to grow, make changes and improve your treatment offerings in the future.

Building an Online Recovery Community Using Social Media Marketing for Rehab Centers

In due time, you’ll eventually find that you may have yourself a dedicated and loyal online recovery community.

The more people you can get to take in and then reshare your content the broader your reach will become and this is where it becomes powerful. In the long run, what having a larger and larger following really means is that your ability to connect with and get in front of the people that truly need you can grow almost exponentially.


Facebook and Instagram are the powerhouses of social media marketing platforms for drug rehabs. There’s no excuse for not being active on these given the broad ability they have to generate interest and traffic for your treatment center. It’s worth noting that just like the paid advertising on Google, to advertise your drug and alcohol rehab on Facebook, you’ll need to certify through LegitScript as well which is a process we can guide you through. Facebook, like Google, recognized the abuses rampant in the advertising platform and rightfully sought to rectify it by requiring Legit Script certification in order to run paid ads for drug rehabs.

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Stand Out From the Crowd on Social Media With MGMT

You may have noticed while reading that there are a lot of moving parts in a well-run and effective social media marketing service for rehab centers and addiction treatment. The big mistake people make is thinking its easy peasy and when they don’t see quick results they just give up and abandon an essential piece of their marketing mix. At our behavioral health marketing agency we stay the course because we understand this process and the time and effort it takes to get it right. If you’re struggling with your social media and are looking for a way to stand out, look no further than MGMT Digital, a boutique digital marketing company for Healthcare.

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