Videography For Healthcare

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Video is Key to Effective Addiction Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? Let’s break it down. Not the literal worth but what the means of delivery mean. Those thousands of words that you write certainly get your point across and long-form writing, with flowery exposition and detailed deep dives into topics you know excruciatingly well is grand but attention spans are already short and getting shorter by the day. Interested people will, of course, read it but it’s tough to create an instant hook and connection with writing. It’s a bigger time commitment.

Photos give you instant gratification in one frame. They have the power to show the beauty of your space or a snapshot of an interaction that allows us to feel in that moment but it’s limited to just that moment.

157 % Increase In Organic Traffic From Videos In SERPs

Video is immersive. Potential clients and their families can move through your treatment center, getting a real sense of the warmth of the place. The passion and care that comes through in thousands of typed characters are written and transmitted instantly on the face of your smiling staff and the tone with which they speak in a brand video about your rehab.

Moving pictures have the power to move us in ways text and photos can’t because storytelling is formative to the human experience and therefore a surefire way to build trust.

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