Consulting Services for Drug Rehabs

Overcome roadblocks confidently with our consulting services for addiction & mental health centers.

MGMT Digital proudly partners with C4 Consulting. C4 Consulting is a behavioral health consulting firm. Their consultants and team members have years of experience in the behavioral healthcare field. 

Their expertise can help advice you on everything from startup planning to growing an established treatment center to buying an existing one.

As a behavioral health digital marketing agency with over a decade of industry experience, we understand what makes marketing for rehab centers tick and can work within your budget to make it happen. We take the 30,000-foot view, getting the full picture and then zooming in to optimize everything from your drug rehab SEO and developing a healthcare content marketing strategy to complement nailing paid advertising to your design and branding. That’s what we do when wearing our digital agency hat.

An interesting thing happens when you wear that hat for so long and gain mastery in the niche: you come to find that you’re seeing the same issues creep into rehab centers over and over again. That’s something we’ve taken note of and, more importantly, have become a solution to those problems. A resource and partner to help get you over the molehills before they turn into mountains.

The early days are the hardest. Getting a new program off the ground has so many moving parts that something is bound to get lost in the shuffle. You’re just being spread so thin and your focus shifts to so many different areas, it’s bound to happen but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve been a part of both launches and relaunches and have seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t. Let the expertise from prior experience guide you. Cutting through the noise of what you think is important and focusing on what really is important is the freedom and peace of mind you can only get from working with a team that’s done this before.

Privacy is rightly of paramount importance to everyone.

Even more so in the rehab space.

It can feel like a line is being crossed for your treatment center to delve into digital marketing. Rest assured, the privacy of your clients is among our top priorities, it’s something we take incredibly seriously which is why we operate our agency fully in compliance with HIPAA requirements.

Our consultants for rehab centers are well versed in the rules and can help guide you in making sure your whole operation is compliant as well.

Planning to do any type of advertising with Google? Some PPC or CPM campaigns perhaps? Great idea! Those can be highly effective when done right (another area we can help you optimize).

Are you certified with LegitScript though?

Because in order to access the fine paid advertising tools that Google offers and establish a presence there, you need to be certified with LegitScript. The same goes for Bing and Facebook. It makes sense too, the abuse of advertising for drug and alcohol treatment facilities was rampant. Google took note and partnered with LegitScript to right that wrong and we’re all for it.

Our drug rehab consultants have helped countless rehab centers go through the certification process and can guide you to the finish line as well.

Are you getting the most you can out of your resources?

We find that billing and utilization are often areas where improvement is ripe for the picking.

Getting your billing house in order is almost self-explanatory as to why it needs to be on point. Billing done right, and on time, means you can get to the point where you have a predictable stream of income and cash flow from month to month.

Utilization is an underappreciated piece of the billing pie. It’s a measure of how the time of your team is being spent and the level of productivity you’re getting from them. Truly understanding how long tasks take in rehab is not about penny-pinching or pushing people through recovery as fast as possible to be “efficient” but rather it allows you to be confident that your costs are being covered adequately.

Staying in touch is always welcomed and that sentiment rings even truer for folks that have gone through your program and come out the other side sober and happy.

Making sure they stay the course is not only great for your rehab’s reputation but checking up is just the right thing to do. Those former clients have created strong bonds with your staff and keeping that connection intact is bigtime for long term success.

These are huge for your rehab center and can be as simple as an email list or phone call to something more robust like monthly get-togethers. Whatever makes the most sense for you.

If you haven’t gotten one set up, let us help you put it in motion.

Feeling like you’re doing it all is tough. Actually doing it all is another story and it’s no walk in the park. There’s so much to juggle, between keeping up with new trends in marketing, staying current with your alumni, making sure your accounts receivable are consistent & optimized and more.

How do you find the time? More importantly, how do you gain the expertise that maximizes the results of that time?

Consulting is the answer.

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