Branding Design + Strategy

Change how people see your business through an effective branding and design campaign.


Intuitively you get it. You know it yet may not be fully aware of the fact that you see branding in action every single day. Even if you spend the entire day inside, away from everyone and everything, branding still reaches you. It’s part of the ketchup in your fridge, the social media apps on your phone, the computer you’re working on.

Branding is big and it can transform how your addiction treatment center is viewed. What is it though? In short, it’s what makes your company memorable. It’s your logo, color choice, imagery, tone and other details that come together to make your business distinct from others and it’s the basis for how people build their perception of you. Branding is the science of what makes your addiction treatment facility stand out in a crowded field and collaborating with brand strategy and design agency can set you up for success.

How to Tell Your Treatment Facility's Story with Effective Branding

Make no mistake, not focusing on this has a tangible effect. Poorly constructed and haphazardly executed branding has a powerful subconscious effect on how we view things that directly inform our decision making. You’ve very likely have had this play out in your own life when visiting websites that don’t “feel” right.

Let’s take an extreme example of a site that looks like it was built on GeoCities and using comic sans font. What did you visualize and reflexively decide about the company behind it? That they certainly haven’t adapted and gotten with the times perhaps? You don’t even know the service they offer but it doesn’t exactly engender much confidence in their ability to deliver it. Those are the snap judgments people are making when they visit your site or come across your brand. Given that, you can plainly see how effective branding can completely alter a potential client’s view of you when compared to a competitor. The old saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” speaks to the power of getting this aspect of your marketing fine-tuned.

Projecting your rehab’s story well and with consistency across all mediums and platforms builds brand integrity. Making sure your tone is the same everywhere, your logos are up to date on your social media and business cards and your overall design is in line with your vision. All that forms a powerful foundation of trust before a prospective patient or loved one even gets in touch with you.

Telling your story with effective branding is more important than ever now because people are becoming increasingly better at critically assessing companies, their eyes getting ever keener for inconsistencies that hint at a lack of attention to detail and execution elsewhere. That’s why working with a boutique digital marketing agency like MGMT Digital, seasoned in the drug rehab industry is key.