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Greatly increase the amount of people who can find your mental health or addiction treatment center with SEO.


SEO drives traffic. That’s going to be the takeaway from this page.
We’ll detail the methods by which we do it and explain a bit of what’s going on behind the curtain but the most important morsel of information is that getting SEO right can transform your business.

Why would your drug and alcohol rehab center want to improve its SEO? You’re quite literally in the business of saving lives. Your program can, and does, change the direction and trajectory of people’s lives. Question is, are you making it as easy as possible for them to find you?

The Top 10 Addiction Treatment Keywords are Searched


Times a Month

If you are battling addiction and your family is desperate for help, where will they turn? The internet. Google.

They may type in something generic like “drug rehab near me” or more specific, for example, “opioid rehab Los Angeles”. If the addiction treatment center you run gives opioid users the best shot at recovery in the LA area, wouldn’t you want to be who shows up at the top of those search results? This points to not only the importance of drug rehab SEO on a macro level, but also narrowing down to the individual keywords and search terms that you need to be found on.

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Mental Health and Addiction Treatment SEO Services That Make a Difference.

From digital marketing to consulting, MGMT Digital offers every service your center needs to establish and grow your brand. We are seasoned experts in behavioral healthcare marketing and we will create a strategy that fits your facilities needs.

What is SEO for Drug Rehabs?

Before breaking down the strategy, let’s clear up what SEO for drug rehabs is and a tiny bit more on why working on it can pay dividends down the road.

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Top 3 Results on Google Click Through Rate Share
Increase in CTR from #5 to #6 on Google
Moving Up By One Position Increases CTR By

The benefits are clear, the more and more optimized you make your website for search engines, the more quality, intentional visitors you’ll get to that site. Countless studies have shown the importance of not only being on the first page of search, but in the top 3 results because 75.1% of all clicks on organic listings go to those three at the top of the page.

It is a long game with drug rehab SEO. Results from search engine optimization are something that improves with time when done correctly. You won’t move from the 3rd page of Google search results to the 1st overnight. It’s a process and as you go through it, your traffic and leads will grow and the ROI improving along the way.


At MGMT, our drug rehab consultants take a multifaceted addiction treatment marketing approach to organically grow your SEO. It’s because we approach the goal from so many sides, not putting all our eggs in the basket of one tactic, that we’re able to achieve the results we have.

Here’s how we make it happen.

It’s actually astounding how much structure is overlooked. On a certain level it makes intuitive sense that having an easily navigable structure is beneficial but in practice we see a lot of sites that are untidy and in utter disarray. Trying to get a little too fancy and shooting themselves in the foot.

A clean structure for your website makes it easier for people, potential clients, to find what they need as painlessly as possible. It creates a better user experience and a longer stay on your rehabs site, which translates to Google as a big positive.

Having a poorly structured and confusing site sends unconscious signals that maybe your facility mirrors that confusion.

Moreover, a great site structure makes it possible for search engines to index your site efficiently.

This can truly be a sleeper hit for you.

We all know what links are, they allow us to jump between pages on the internet and link building is the process of getting websites to link back to your site. Pretty simple, but how does that affect your SEO? The more link, “backlinks”, you can create back to your content presents you and that content as more authoritative.

It’s sort of the street cred of the internet and the more of it, links, you can accrue the more prominently you’ll start featuring on search engines.

Just as site structure was beneficial for your website visitor and the search engines, onsite optimization works in a similar capacity. The idea is make sure all the pieces and parts of your website are internally optimized and easy for a viewer to take.

Things like your coding, server speed, links and structure on a technical level as well as making sure your content is optimized, which covers; text, headings, graphics, metadata and more.

Working on increasing the ease of use translates to better search results.

Go back to our example at the top, did you notice we narrowed it down to the city of Los Angeles? That wasn’t an accident. Yes we’re based in L.A. but that wasn’t the point, the point is that when people search, they almost always search locally.

Ranking high in “drug rehab” or “alcohol rehab” nationally is a tall order, not impossible, but tough. More importantly though, ranking highly for broad topics across the country may not even translate in you being able to help the people that need it because 46% of all searches are looking for local information.

Adding to the concept of local SEO and the value of drilling down to the specifics of your geography, long tail optimization does the same but with your keywords. Yes, “drug rehab” is a popular keyword but as we’ve hopefully made clear, people search with much more specificity than that.

It’s not just occasionally either, long-tail keywords account for 70% of all searches. What that could like is, instead of the generic “heroin addiction”, people might really be searching “signs someone is addicted to heroin”.

Think about how you search in your own life and you’ll quickly see the importance of long-tail optimization.

Human-Focused & Data-Driven Strategies

What you should notice by now is that what makes for good SEO is good for your website visitor. The idea isn’t to trick search engines into sending traffic your way. The point is that making your site as human-focused as possible, by way of hard data, makes it more appealing to search engines as well. All of our addiction treatment SEO methods serve to create a better user experience and the byproduct of that is better ranking.




A Drug Rehab SEO Agency That Knows What They Are Doing In This Industry

If you’ve overlooked getting your SEO house in order, you’re missing out on a huge, organic source of inbound traffic. At our boutique digital marketing agency, we understand drug rehab SEO because it’s at the core of what we do to maximize your ability to help as many people beat their addiction as possible.

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