Website Design for Treatment Centers

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Web Design Matters to Users & Google

Never judge a book by its cover. You’ve heard that one before, no? It’s a classic we all grew up with and no doubt have said to people ourselves. There’s of course value in it, avoiding judgment based on appearance is a noble and benevolent, if not aspirational, aim. We all fall short of that ideal but when applied to people, it should be the gold standard to which we strive.

With websites it’s not even a debate, our snap observations inform our perceptions of a company. Your treatment center is judged by your website and it will continue to be. That’s the world we live in and younger generations will only have keener eyes and expectations of what a website should deliver with respect to user experience. And it’s not just people, Google is placing increasingly more weight on design and layout. In terms of the site map, how easy your website is to navigate and how drug rehab SEO friendly it is tells Google that it’s generally an easier site to use and thus will help it rank higher. Not devoting the time and resources to your Healthcare web design can handicap you in the long run.


Of Website Credibility Comes From Design

The beauty and effectiveness of addiction treatment email marketing comes largely from the fact that people are opting in to hear from you. They’re asking for you to communicate and send relevant, pertinent information. It’s particularly great for drug rehabs because you’re able to tap into and share the experiences of past clients in a powerful and personal way. If you haven’t delved into the world of email campaigns, it’s time to add it to the mix and unleash its potential.

Treatment & Healthcare Digital Marketing Services That Make a Difference.

From digital marketing to consulting, MGMT Digital offers every service your center needs to establish and grow your brand. We are seasoned experts in behavioral healthcare marketing and we will create a strategy that fits your facilities needs.


In this day and age, your website will very likely be someone’s first touchpoint with you. Think about your current website. What’s that first impression going to be like for a first-time visitor?

What about the website of a direct competitor with a sleek, fresh design? Your website is the center of your digital universe, everything points to, and revolves around it. Does it capture attention? Is it easy to find relevant information? Recognizing if it’s answering those questions with a resounding “yes” is important because without acknowledging there’s a problem people will continue to bounce from your site. In turn, generating fewer leads and less admits. Rest assured though, effective web design and web development on WordPress isn’t an accident or fluke. Its science mixed with artistry in just the right amounts to craft a site that guides visitors to exactly what you want them to see and what they need to see.

Why WordPress is Suggested

The world runs on WordPress. It’s the largest and most popular content management system out there and about a third of all websites use it as their backend. The customization options and local SEO tools for Healthcare are out of this world and plugins allow us to ramp up what your site can do. There are a lot of great reasons to love WordPress which we won’t bore you with here but definitely feel free to reach out and we can get geek out on what gets us psyched about it.


Addiction recovery web design sits at a crossroads of information delivery and trust-building. It’s key to get it right because without tapping into both sides, people will find solutions elsewhere.

How many times have frustrating menus or layouts sent you packing and off to another website? Navigation that isn’t intuitive and elegant in its simplicity can very well be the kiss of death for both user experience and turning leads into admits (lead generation for Healthcare).

You want visitors to glide through your site, flow through as effortlessly as possible with one page leading right into another water flowing undeterred downstream. Getting to the bottom of one page presenting the exact topic that gets the click to the next page.

This extends to ensuring that you have a responsive design with your site being just as easy to navigate on a phone as it is a computer. In fact, mobile devices account for nearly 52% of global web traffic so your site being on point on mobile is an absolute necessity.

These things take foresight and planning but translate into an intuitive and effective design that creates aha moments along the way.

What are people coming to your site for? Answers. They’ve got a loved one struggling through addiction or they themselves are struggling and need help. Your Healthcare content marketing can be the saving grace that gets them into recovery.

This is where you build your foundation of trust and your status as a thought leader.

There’s a fine line between the right amount of info and information overload. We get that and we work with you to get it right both in quality and quantity.

Going back to the concept of judging a book by its cover, don’t give people an opportunity to judge you negatively. Professional photos of your beautiful facility are a no brainer and they make a difference. If you’ve gone house hunting you’ve certainly come across listings with amateur cell phone photos with poorly lit spaces. It’s an immediate turn-off.

You’ve spent the time creating a healing environment, paying attention to all the tiniest details to ensure the atmosphere is soothing and rejuvenating. It’d be a shame to not showcase that in the grandest way possible.

It’s yet another place you can build trust.

Just like the professionals who bring people to the promised land of sobriety and the addicts who come in to go on the journey, there’s a uniqueness to each. Your web design should reflect that as well.

Your treatment center does special things and a cookie-cutter site isn’t the best way to express that.