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Web Design Matters to Users & Google

Never judge a book by its cover. You’ve heard that one before, no? It’s a classic we all grew up with and no doubt have said to people ourselves. There’s of course value in it, avoiding judgment based on appearance is a noble and benevolent, if not aspirational, aim. We all fall short of that ideal but when applied to people, it should be the gold standard to which we strive.

With websites it’s not even a debate, our snap observations inform our perceptions of a company. Your treatment center is judged by your website and it will continue to be. That’s the world we live in and younger generations will only have keener eyes and expectations of what a website should deliver with respect to user experience. And it’s not just people, Google is placing increasingly more weight on design and layout. In terms of the site map, how easy your website is to navigate and how drug rehab SEO friendly it is tells Google that it’s generally an easier site to use and thus will help it rank higher. Not devoting the time and resources to your Healthcare web design can handicap you in the long run.


Of Website Credibility Comes From Design

The beauty and effectiveness of addiction treatment email marketing comes largely from the fact that people are opting in to hear from you. They’re asking for you to communicate and send relevant, pertinent information. It’s particularly great for drug rehabs because you’re able to tap into and share the experiences of past clients in a powerful and personal way. If you haven’t delved into the world of email campaigns, it’s time to add it to the mix and unleash its potential.

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