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Why Do Rehab Reviews Matter?

Regardless of whether we’re on the hunt for car parts or where to go for a birthday or anniversary dinner we put a lot of stock in other people’s opinions. We place immense weight on the views and insights of strangers because it’s clear they’re not trying to “sell” us and they ultimately gain nothing from leaving their genuine thoughts. It’s natural for people to trust that more than a clear marketing message.

Think about how much more important reviews are for your rehab, where people are sending their family members to try to beat addiction once and for all. The stakes are significantly higher and those first-person accounts are worth their weight in gold in terms of the sway they can have on who chooses your treatment center.


Of Marketers Believe That Building Trust Will Be The Primary Focus For Marketing Efforts in the Future

Now think about from the search engine perspective. If someone is looking for rehabs and yours pops up in the coveted top 3 on the Google My Business list, a very good thing generally, but you only have 2 stars as compared to the others with 4.5…do you think people are clicking your rehab? Would you?

Good reviews may not be the deciding factor of why someone chooses you, but it will get them to look at you closer and learn more. That’s where your website and Healthcare web design seals the deal. On the flip side, negative reviews will absolutely be a defining reason someone doesn’t consider you beyond a passing glance. Don’t put people in the position to make that call.


Maybe you have a different problem altogether, perhaps you’re not generating any buzz at all and it’s just crickets. Another part of reputation management is working to “create” reputation. That’s not to say fabrication or lying, your rehab center most likely has done tremendous amounts of good for quite a few people after all. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have managed to stay in business. The idea here is to be an activist and cheerleader for yourself because you have to. People can’t talk about what they don’t know. So tell them. Explain and show the great work you’re doing in changing people’s lives. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to create conversation these days.

Social media is a quick, easy and low-cost way to spread your message. Consider connecting with your local news media for coverage as well. Get in touch with some of your past success stories, out there living their best sober lives, and tactfully see if they’d be willing to write you a review (seriously, don’t press people on this).

Creating a blog can also be a huge help to not only your reputation but your addiction treatment SEO as well. Producing more long-form and in-depth content like blogs set you up as a thought leader and authority on the topics you write about. Which you are! Also, that content can be shared on your social platforms and slowly (utilizing content marketing in Healthcare) but surely you begin to rank higher, organically, and become a resource for knowledge. The more people see you pop up in that way, the more likely they are to consider you to be the best place to go for treatment.

Quite a lot goes into the process of addiction treatment center reputation management and partnering with a team that gets it goes a long way towards streamlining it.

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The Importance of Monitoring Mentions

You can’t manage your reputation unless you know who’s talking about you and when. Before you fall into despair thinking you need to designate someone to scour the web all day, vigilantly looking for mentions of your treatment center, rest assured, it’s not that hard or time-consuming. There are an immense amount of tools that do that for you and some of them are even free.

Once you have alerts set up, it’s time to sit back and monitor. Assess the mentions and, if negative, implement fixes to valid issues or conversely, begin to feature glowing reviews from reputable publications and outlets that may have lauded you with praise.

What to Do If You Have A Negative Review

The dreaded negative review. We’d like to tell you it’ll never happen because you’re doing everything perfectly but people are finicky and pleasing them all is impossible so having a plan of action to deal with negative reviews before they happen is critically important. And if you already have some, don’t worry, we can help you get your reputation back to sterling too.

The big thing not to do is to overreact and potentially make a scene by getting defensive and suddenly finding yourself in an online argument. That doesn’t mean ignore it though, negative comments left unanswered also leave a bad taste in the minds of people who come across it later.

What people want when they leave a negative review is to be heard, so hear them. Recognize the issue and avoid an online back and forth by offering to get in touch personally. Additionally, gently and continually reaching out to past clients for reviews, those who had excellent experiences with you, will function to “bury” the negative ones that crop up now and then. This is also where cultivating your status as an authority and thought leader through valuable content pays.

Ultimately a negative review is an opportunity to improve not just your operations, if warranted of course, but it shows the public you care and are actively responding to these things when they arise. Just like those who come to your facility to get better you should also be in a constant state of betterment.