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Email Marketing Is Still Effective, Especially for Healthcare

We use the word “still” on purpose because email marketing never went away as a valuable tool for marketing. Sure it’s been outshined of late by all the social media marketing in addiction treatment & social media channels you have at your disposal, but email is very much a powerhouse.

Why? People check their emails religiously. Over 90%, and by some estimates as many as 99%, of people check their email daily. 50% check more than 10 times a day. We certainly fall into that camp. Given how often people check their email, it stands to reason that a great way to stay at the top of their minds is to consistently show up there.


of people check their email daily

The beauty and effectiveness of email marketing services comes largely from the fact that people are opting in to hear from you. They’re asking for you to communicate and send relevant, pertinent information. It’s particularly great for drug rehabs because you’re able to tap into and share the experiences of past clients in a powerful and personal way.

If you haven’t delved into the world of email campaigns, it’s time to add it to the mix and unleash its potential.

02Treatment & Healthcare Digital Marketing Services That Make a Difference.

From digital marketing to consulting, MGMT Digital offers every service your center needs to establish and grow your brand. We are seasoned experts in behavioral healthcare marketing and we will create a strategy that fits your facilities needs.


It all starts with an email list. Any marketer worth their salt will tell you that building an email list is important. To twist an old Chinese proverb, the best time to start building that list was when you opened, the second-best time is today. So, get started on that even if we don’t end up partnering.

Once you’ve generated a strong and large enough list, you’ll be able to leverage the unrivaled ROI that email marketing offers. Additionally, and crucially, email marketing in Healthcare are essentially the lowest cost method of marketing. There are no production costs, no ad buys. You basically just pay for an email service and the content. Keep in mind though, it’s not just about consistently communicating, it’s about imparting value. Messages without meaning become spam and people won’t be handing over their email address just to be spammed so making it clear this is worthwhile for them is crucial.

With a list and content in place, you can further leverage email by segmenting your audience and creating more personalized messaging. As you learn more about who is signing up, you can target emails to them. Why would you send messages about residential inpatient treatment to someone who’s already finished your program? You wouldn’t and segmentation is what ensures you don’t.

Using Email Marketing to Connect with Alumni

Without question, your best ambassadors will be the people who’ve gone through treatment at your facility and came out the other side clean and equipped with the tools to lead a sober life. Being able to preach their gospel creates more and more trust between you and the rest of your list. The more success stories you can highlight the better.

More important than the marketing aspects though, staying connected with past clients is beneficial in a couple of key ways: it shows that you truly care and are excited to get updates on their lives and it serves as a constant reminder to them that you’re always there should they find themselves in a triggering situation and on the verge of relapse. You never know how much a simple email can mean to someone at that moment.

B2B Email Marketing Campaigns for Healthcare Centers

Like everything else in life, the best things don’t come easy or quick. Email campaigns are fantastic tools but they are always multistep in nature. What that means, in other words, is that 1 email isn’t enough to get results and neither are 25 if they aren’t building and working off each other.

The critical thing is to allow the process to unfold and not expect overnight results. Impressive numbers from B2B email campaigns are achievable but it takes diligence in laying the appropriate groundwork to make it work. An addiction treatment email marketing management agency like MGMT can streamline and help you craft a campaign that gets people in your door so you can do what you do best: treat them.

How to Generate Leads via Our Email Marketing Services Agency

The main question on your mind since you started, how well does this work for lead generation for drug rehabs? The idea is to use addiction treatment email marketing to get help to the folks who need it, so how does it stack up? This is where that famed ROI from email marketing comes in. Lead generation, and by extension, closing are hallmarks of email marketing. One study showed that for every $1 spent on email marketing, the yield was roughly $44. Those results are attainable for your treatment center but it’s all about creating a plan of action.

You have to see each individual email as a piece of your broader funnel and in turn use each email to guide people through it, giving value and expertise along the way. Each communication is a means to an end and not an end in and of itself. Along the way, we’ll be identifying needs and begin segmenting and targeting people with solutions on a deeper level. On the flip side, recognizing that some will still be looking for more general knowledge and accommodating that.

It’s all about giving people what they want. Just like everyone is on a journey in life and how recovery becomes a lifelong pursuit, you’re also taking them on a journey with your email campaigns. All the answers can’t come at once in a flood of words in a single email. It’s information overload that ends up landing that email in the trash and subsequent ones in the spam folder.

Quality over quantity wins the day and generates more business.

Discover How Email Marketing Can Extend Your Addiction Treatment Center's Reach

If you hadn’t considered the possibilities that email offers and the expanded reach it can muster, now is the moment to get in touch with a dedicated email marketing management agency like ours and let us walk you through what email can do for you.


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