Digital Marketing: What Treatment Centers Need to Know

From digital marketing to consulting, get found this year when it matters most with expert tips from the MGMT team.


As one of the most interesting couple of years in recent history, we’ve seen a number of changes in healthcare digital marketing moving into 2021. We know this time of year can be difficult for behavioral healthcare providers who are struggling with an out-of-control pandemic. The current events have led to lower local searches, high unemployment rates, and of course, the renewal of deductibles comes January. As experts in the addiction treatment marketing space, MGMT Digital has put together a few essential tips & tricks that any business in the addiction industry can benefit from. If you want to learn more about how MGMT Digital can help your facility click here for a free digital marketing audit.

1. Have a Website That Converts.

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel when it comes to web design in the addiction treatment industry. There are trusted must-haves that any business’s website needs in order to convert well. Three essentials for any website, regardless of your industry, are consistency, content that connects with your users, and clear calls-to-action.

MGMT Digital has designed and redesigned numerous addiction treatment websites that feature these three essentials components and more. Typically, a website will see a 30-60% increase in conversions from MGMT Digital’s web design. Long story short, web design matters when it comes to marketing in healthcare.

2. Content is Still King.

There’s been a saying for many years, mainly since machine learning took over Google’s algorithm, is “content is king.” Google can now scan your website’s content and know exactly what it says, and the topics and keywords that relate to your services. Content is especially important when explaining your program and the treatment process to users on your website when utilizing digital marketing in healthcare.

MGMT Digital has found that relatable and emotional content that connects with the user while explaining your program is key to success in SEO results and conversions.

3. CRO & Response Time is Key to Increasing Admits.

Ensuring your website has a number of calls-to-action is the first part of achieving more admits. MGMT Digital utilizes a number of elements and tools to consistently increase conversions through effective optimization, such as a request callback form, click to text, and insurance verification forms. The second part in increasing overall admits is setting up your admissions team with the best tools that allow for quick responses. This gets users the help they need as quickly as possible.

In addition to an increase in conversion rates, MGMT Digital helps our clients see an increase in admissions by effectively providing them with the best solutions for lead interaction and tracking. For example, CallRail for call and form tracking, Verify TX for instant verification of benefits, and Behave Health, which is an all-in-one, cloud-based CRM/EHR/Billing solution. Converting and responding to potential leads in the most effective manner is a must for any behavioral healthcare facility.