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What Is Paid Advertising? How Does It Benefit Drug Rehabs?

Paid advertising is advertising you pay for, easy as that. In contrast, earned advertising is publicity gained through things like reviews, mentions, awards, some forms of drug rehab SEO, etc. Both are great but the reach of paid advertising is really what sets it apart and makes it a necessity.

The most well-known and oft used method of paid advertising is pay-per-click, or PPC. It’s relatively low on the cost spectrum and, crucially, as the name suggests, you only pay when a person actually clicks your ad.

Pay Per Click Advertising Works.



Times a Month



Times a Month



Times a Month

Brand awareness. Paid search can increase your brand awareness by as much as 80%.

The addiction treatment marketing jargon aside and taking a look at the human side, the more people that are aware of the deeply needed work you and the people at your facility do, the more people you can help get clean in the end.

Google ads for rehab centers is a way to get your message in front of the people who need to see it most.

Treatment & Healthcare Digital Marketing Services That Make a Difference.

From digital marketing to consulting, MGMT Digital offers every service your center needs to establish and grow your brand. We are seasoned experts in behavioral healthcare marketing and we will create a strategy that fits your facilities needs.


A new age? You might be thinking, “was there an old age?” Yes.

What was happening with paid advertising for rehabs on Google was akin to the wild west. The industry was exploding due to the opioid epidemic and the real desire to help people get their lives backs. Generally, that was noble, however, certain people started to take advantage of the massive profit per patient and neglect the care side of the equation.

Health professionals noticed. Google noticed. In 2017 they severely restricted ads for rehabs.


This was unequivocally the right move. The restriction caused the number of ads related to rehab to drop by 96%.

Now you’re thinking, “ok how is this good and why do we want this trouble?” That’s where LegitScript came in and established a path for in-person drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, mutual support groups and crisis hotlines to advertise on search engines again. Going through LegitScript’s process certifies to Google and other search engines that your facility is staffed with trained professionals, complies with local law and best practices and is transparent with patients. Moreover, there’s an application fee and annual fee to keep dubious and disreputable rehabs off the search engine. Nonetheless, being a certified advertiser means you’ve established trust and possibly benefit from those restrictions.

Google Ads: The First Stop in PPC for Rehab Centers

Google is the first stop because it’s the best and most widely used search engine on earth. The others are fine but there’s a reason people say “Google it” when they’re talking about online search. Given that, utilizing Google Ads is as close to a necessity as it gets from a paid advertising perspective.

As mentioned above, the first step to getting into the game on Google, as well as other engines, is getting certified through LegitScript. After that, it’s time to create your ads and get on the path towards helping folks. Google Ads are something you’re likely already quite familiar with, they’re what appear whenever you search keywords related to what you’re looking for and what gets seen is based on an auction. Your ads are as well “judged” on things like relevance and usefulness to the searcher which are referred to as a “Quality Score”. Those are the very basics and we’ll spare you the intricate minutiae of what makes Google Ads go.

In addition to the crafting compelling copy and calls to action, we’ll help you find an appropriate and comfortable budget and deliver an in-depth analysis of how your campaign is progressing. Competing in paid search takes dedication and know-how, both of which we have in spades.

Other Paid Advertising Opportunities for Addiction Treatment Centers

PPC for drug rehab centers on Google is a powerful and useful tool in the paid advertising space but it’s far from the only route you can go. For starters, and in the same ballpark as PPC is PPI, or pay-per-impression, advertising. PPI operates even more on brand awareness as you’re not paying per click but rather paying per 1,000 impressions aka how many times you simply appear on a page. It’s generally more cost-effective but more difficult to track in terms of effectiveness.

There is also Bing and Yahoo/Oath Ads that can be super effective and provide a lower cost per click than Google AdWords. On average you will spend 1/3 of the average Google AdWords budget generating the same amount of traffic from Bing and Yahoo ads.

“drug rehabs” is searched


Times a Month on Bing & Yahoo

Social media ads are another huge paid advertising opportunity, as popular, if not more popular than pay-per-click. Running ads on social is important because it’s where we all spend a lot of our time when online. We may be on the internet to do something else entirely but Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are oftentimes open in another tab. Running ads for your rehab center here is a no-brainer.

How We Can Help You Generate Quality Leads with Effective Rehab Center PPC

Our “how” is informed by our “why”, we want to help you generate leads not because of any profit motive but because leads in this business mean potentially saving lives. Leads are lives and humanizing it changes how we act. Getting clean is how our business started and being able to help give that opportunity to others is a motivator for how we go about getting people to your business. Our boutique digital marketing agency dives deep into the research and makes sure we get our targeting as tight as possible. We write copy that strikes a chord with the viewer and we leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of making it as easy as possible for those that need you to find you. Let us tune your paid advertising into a life-saving machine.

The MGMT Difference: A Focus on Quality

Quality isn’t just a component of what we do, it’s an integral piece of how we do everything. Quality is a formative part of our foundation. It’s in our DNA. Quality derives from being genuine and being genuine isn’t something we can fake.

That translates to how we build Google Ads for your rehab center and more broadly, your entire paid advertising regimen. Quality across the board means we’re able to help create a stream of leads for your business and ultimately get more deserving people into treatment.


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