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Traditional Marketing is Still an Effective Tool for Drug Rehab Centers

Over the years more and more money is getting allocated to online marketing, the digital panorama is rich with opportunities. A seemingly endless vista of eyes to get in front of on countless platforms, with new ones popping up daily it feels like.

We get it. That’s the world we operate in, digital is in our name after all. So this next bit is going to surprise you coming from us: don’t forget about traditional marketing. It’s a classic case of not putting all your eggs in one basket. Not because digital is risky, it’s not, but because you’re very likely missing connection points offline, in the real world. Missed connections mean potentially missed chances to get your message in front of those who really need to see it.

The perception is that everything has gone digital, the reality is a lot less black and white. There’s tremendous value in traditional media like direct marketing, print, trade shows and billboards. We appreciate that fact and strive to work with you in creating a nuanced and robust marketing plan that reaches your target audience wherever they are.


There’s a wide range of options to choose from in traditional marketing and which you choose to delve into is solely dependent on the needs of your treatment center. Some of the key ones to consider are as follows.

This is sort of a catchall of several different marketing methods in a way, direct marketing is marketing products or services directly to consumers instead of through an intermediary or middleman like mass media.

It’s also sometimes known as “direct response” marketing since that’s really the goal.

While direct marketing exists online in the form of things like email and SMS marketing, in the offline world it takes the shape of actual mail, telemarketing and direct sales for example. Broadly speaking, since the aim is to get a response, you can even extend it to things like tv and radio ads even though they’re not fully “direct”.

Some of the benefits of a direct marketing campaign, outside of the fact that you’re reaching people in new places, are ease of targeting and performance measurability.

Print isn’t dead! Sure, we’re used to getting everything online now but print hasn’t disappeared. People still pick up physical things other than their phones therefore there’s still value in advertising in magazines, newspapers as well as creating brochures, flyers and leaflets.

We’ve all leafed through magazines in waiting rooms or browsed brochures when entering a medical office, the intrinsic importance of having your material there is clear. The key is to not phone it in and invest the resources in creating eye-catching design and messaging.

Understandably, trade shows aren’t necessarily on top of anyone’s mind when considering marketing solutions and that’s a shame. These are amazing occasions not only for educational purposes and possibly improving your own facility but the networking opportunities at trade shows are substantial.

Talking with other rehabs can be mutually beneficial and help generate business for your treatment center. You may find referrals flooding in for an area you specialize in that others didn’t realize and vice versa, in turn creating a stronger community and network to help even more people get clean.

Whereas trade shows were less obvious vehicles for marketing, billboards are the opposite. Vehicles pour past well-placed billboards and can serve as a vital lifeline for someone or their family and friends. You never know when a message is going to click with a person, maybe it’s when they’re stuck in traffic on the 101 or 405.

The big thing to keep in mind when considering any form of marketing, but particularly traditional marketing, is to track the sources of your new contacts, calls and admits. If you’re not keeping track of where new business is coming from in terms of the ad source you may be grossly misallocating your funds and dumping money into print ads that aren’t converting for example. Tracking both the source and the quality of leads being generated is essential for making sure you’re getting the most out of all avenues.

Understanding the ROI on each form of traditional advertising is crucial to making informed marketing moves and stretching those ad dollars as far as they can go.

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