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How MGMT Can Help You Be in the Right Place, at the Right Time.

Since the early days of the internet, search engine marketing was a staple for all businesses. While the internet and Google has changed greatly over the years there are now even more aspects of online marketing that an addiction treatment center needs to do in order to stay in the competition. From social media to paid advertising the landscape of addiction treatment digital marketing can be overwhelming for any facility.

That’s where MGMT comes in.

We are not only experts in digital marketing, but we all have years of experience in the addiction treatment industry. We have experienced treatment, worked in facilities, and have been marketing for facilities for years.

MGMT understands all aspects of your business. We help manage all of your marketing needs so you focus on the most important aspect of your business, treating your clients.

Our goal is simple. We establish your online presence and put your business in front of your target audience. Most digital marketing agencies use typical, cookie-cuter plans that are the same for each client.


The team at MGMT creates unique, tailored monthly marketing strategies for your program. As new marketing channels are created, we adjust your campaign as needed. Our goal is to increase your traffic and raise your conversions so ultimately you have a low cost-per-admit and high ROI.

Don’t leave your digital marketing to just any agency. The addiction treatment industry has fierce competition. Your facility needs specialists like MGMT to manage your addiction treatment digital marketing to make sure your campaigns are successful.

Digital Marketing Services

Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing

The search query “drug rehab” has over 8.7 million results on Google which tells us the competition is fierce. There are many facilities who believe in relying on traditional marketing and although that will bring in leads, without a solid digital marketing strategy those businesses won’t thrive.

MGMT wants your business to grow.

Whether it is adding more features and treatments to your program or opening new locations, our goal is to help you keep your census full through online lead generation.

Although we can’t guarantee your #1 organic positions, we can guarantee that our experienced experts understand how Google works. We know how to get you there with search engine marketing.

Don’t Get Fooled

Companies that promise you those #1 positions most likely use manipulative, black hat search engine marketing techniques which can result in your website being black listed from Google.

We are a white hat digital marketing agency. That means we abide by all things Google wants when it comes to digital marketing for your addiction treatment center.

Remember that most addiction treatment digital marketing campaigns take time, especially SEO. It’s why we may suggest relying heavily on other channels while we build up your organic SEO rankings naturally. From PPC to AMP pages on mobile, we know the techniques that can help get your business ahead of your competition.

Contact us today for a FREE website and marketing audit. We will supply you with a detailed, unique marketing plan that will take your drug treatment center to the next level.

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The first step is to get to know each other. We want to know about your history, your past marketing experiences, and your goals, both short-term and long-term. From our first conversation, we hope to build a collaborative relationship that allows us to market your facility in a unique way that leads to consistent visitors from various channels. Take a chance and get to know us.

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