Traditional Marketing for Behavioral Healthcare

Old-School Methods That Still Generate Admissions.

Whether it’s billboards or tv commercials, the traditional, old-school marketing techniques of the past still are just as effective today. MGMT has a unique understanding of how these marketing avenues produce results for addiction treatment centers. We know that digital marketing is just a piece of a larger pie, that has multiple techniques. That’s why we have studied and mastered the art of traditional marketing for drug rehabs. Brochures, billboards, direct-response TV commercials, video brochures, 360º tours, video production & editing, radio ads and other unique tactics are just some of the old-school techniques that we utilize to drive more admissions to your facility.

A recent Arbitron study reveals that billboard advertising remains effective, as 71% of consumers ‘often’ look at roadside billboards. What’s more, 56% of respondents say that they talk to friends and family about funny or interesting billboards they see while on the road. A majority of American consumers also claim that—at one point or another—they learned about a product or event that they later patronized through a billboard. –

As you can see from the statistics above, even in 2017, billboards (when done with a unique selling point) can be an effective way of advertising. Another proven method that MGMT specializes in is direct response TV commercials. There are some out there currently that aren’t that great that still generate a ton of calls and admissions off them. Since we are a creative collective, our team is able to help plan the commercial and be there every step of the way. There are about  14 million Americans adults or 1 in every 13 persons who need treatment for a drug or alcohol problem. Knowing that 1 in 3 need treatment and knowing that 99% of American households have at least one television, that allows for a massive reach with direct response TV commercial.

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Why Should My Treatment Center Choose MGMT?

If you are up to date with statistics and trends, over 80% of all admissions calls, use a form of search before calling. Any of these calls could be from a response to a TV ad or someone using a search engine to find a treatment center. Either way, making sure your facility is doing everything you can to have an effective, targeted marketing campaign is the key to being able to continue to increase your census and help more people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. That is where MGMT comes in. Our approach to marketing is individualized based on your facility’s needs. There’s a huge difference between the needs of a 12-bed facility and those for a 60-bed center. We make sure that you are doing the things that work best for your business.

If you want an in-house team without the hassle of hiring and spending more on salaries, MGMT is your answer. We work hand in hand with you and your staff to create effective marketing campaigns that produce results for your facility. Whether it’s traditional routes or digital marketing we have over 14-years of experience in the addiction treatment & marketing fields. Start the process of increasing admission by contacting us today for an audit of your current marketing efforts.

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