Laguna View Detox

A New Experience in Treatment

MGMT Digital was chosen as the marketing team for Laguna View Detox, a detox and residential facility that focuses on substance abuse and mental health in early 2020. We redesigned their entire website, and provided search engine optimization, paid advertising management, social media management and traditional marketing in order to effectively brand, drive traffic and increase overall census for LVD.

  • Client: Laguna View Detox
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Laguna View Detox is a luxury inpatient drug rehab in Orange County. With 180 degree views of the ocean, it is a paradise. While this facility seems like a vacation, they also have a very personalized and effective approach to addiction treatment. They ensure that every client has a unique sobriety plan, and an involved aftercare program. Their services include detoxification, residential inpatient, addiction therapies, and aftercare.


LVD was previously paying for a service that was not producing results. The SEO work that was being done was not targeted, their website didn’t represent their brand and was not conversion friendly. The LVD brand needed to be revamped in order to effectively convert their targeted luxury audience. Due to poor targeting via paid advertising and organic SEO, LVD was not seeing quality conversions. Laguna View Detox wants to be able to help people outside the smaller area of Laguna Beach. While their name makes ranking for “laguna” keywords easier, breaking into the highly saturated space of “orange county” keywords is difficult.