Next Wind Recovery

MGMT Digital is moving the needle for a New Jersey outpatient rehab.


Next Wind Recovery hired MGMT Digital to handle all of their marketing needs, including SEO, PPC, social media, traditional marketing, branding, and website design. 

  • Client: Next Wind Recovery
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Next Wind Recovery is an addiction treatment center in Englewood, New Jersey. They offer intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient care. Their program takes a dual diagnosis treatment approach, and their therapists treat the underlying cause of each clients’ addiction.


Next Wind Recovery came to MGMT Digital in 2022 ranking for the wrong kind of keywords. Instead of ranking for high-quality keywords within their area, the website was on the first page for keywords like “what makes lean purple” and “can buprenorphine cause weight gain.” Our challenge was to ensure that the website grew to rank for the correct keywords, keywords targeting addiction treatment within New Jersey. 

After working with each other for about four months, Next Wind Recovery wanted a complete rebranding. Our challenge was to create branding that was more modern, a complete 180 from their original branding.


MGMT Digital re-optimized Next Wind Recovery’s website to target the whole state of New Jersey. It will always take longer for a website to rank for an entire state, but our strategy paid off, as they are now ranking in top positions across the state. We also built out Next Wind’s website to include useful, targeted content that can rank for a variety of keywords across New Jersey. For example, we created county pag