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Change how people find your center through our digital marketing services for addiction & mental health centers.

Healthcare Marketing in Montana

No matter how long you’ve had your healthcare practice, you know the importance of marketing and especially digital marketing. If you want your practice to thrive in the long run, your digital marketing strategies need to be fluid and on point. Just how important is digital marketing? The following statistics paint the picture:

  • The internet overtook television in 2021 and became the biggest medium for healthcare ad    spend, attracting 46% of all healthcare ads
  • An estimated 7% of all Google search queries on the platform are health-related
  • 82.8% of US-based patients search engines to find a healthcare provider
  • 89% of patients use online reviews when deciding which healthcare provider to choose

Digital healthcare essential to your facility’s survival. In order to maximize your growth and brand, you must enlist the help of a reputable Montana digital marketing agency. For many healthcare facilities, MGMT Digital is the agency they turn to. Our experienced marketing team utilizes sound strategies to build your brand, create awareness of your services, and bring you more clients. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Marketing Healthcare in Montana: An Overview

Whether your healthcare facility is big, small, or somewhere in-between, marketing your services is absolutely critical to your longevity in the industry. Digital healthcare marketing is the biggest game in town, and your competition is going all in. Whether you are an addiction treatment center, hospital, clinic, mental health facility or other provider, the competition is fierce. In the proverbial dog-eat-dog world of healthcare marketing, you need to find strategies that put you head and shoulders above your competition for both the short- and long-term. Having a Montana healthcare marketing agency like MGMT Digital is your ace in the hole.

MGMT Digital is a Montana digital marketing agency whose sole focus is in the healthcare marketing space. Our experienced team of professionals have years of collective experience working in the often-complex world of digital marketing and have intimate knowledge of all forms of digital and traditional marketing. We will work closely with you to design a healthcare marketing strategy that fits your needs, grows with you, and stays within your budget. We strive to be your long-time partner as your practice and brand grows.

02Types of Digital Marketing the MGMT Digital Provides

Digital healthcare marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all. Your practice has unique needs, and your digital marketing strategies must feature tools that enhance and maximize the quality of the services you provide. While this is true, many marketing firms employ a cookie-cutter approach in creating marketing campaigns. As a result, facilities don’t get the traction required—wasting substantial amounts of their budgets with little to show. 

MGMT Digital is a Montana marketing agency whose goal is to see your practice succeed now and in the future. To help you achieve that goal, we utilize marketing tools that are evidence-based, time-tested, and proven to help grow your brand. Our full spectrum of digital marketing services includes the following:

In order to stand out from the pack, you must have a strong brand. Branding helps your facility get noticed and creates a confident and favorable impression on those who are seeking the services you provide. Our Montana digital marketing agency will create that strong and lasting impression with the following services:

  • Branding and Design—creating a logo, color palette, and font that is eye-catching and compels people to act
  • Web Design and Development—creating a website that is easy to navigate and read, features eye-catching design, and is optimized for those using smartphones and tablets
  • Videography—with the help of professionally shot and edited video, it educates, inspires, and connects with clients to build familiarity and trust
  • Traditional Marketing—even with digital marketing becoming dominant, there is still room for tried-and-true traditional marketing methods. Our traditional marketing tools include direct marketing, print, trade show materials, and billboards.

Marketing your healthcare services draws people in and gets them interested in what you do and how to provide quality to people’s love. MGMT Digital’s healthcare marketing in Montana offers the following marketing services:

  • SEO—we employ sound search engine optimization practices to target the keywords and phrases that people search the most so you get increased foot traffic and visibility to your website
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising—through proper use of paid advertising, people can click on your ad and see for themselves the width and breadth of what you provide
  • Lead Generation—our lead generation services allow you to better understand who is visiting your website and turns interest into clients walking through your door
  • Custom Reporting and Analytics—through thorough and concise reporting and analytics, we know what is and isn’t working in your marketing campaign and we can fine-tune and modify so you can continue to engage your client base

The internet is full of content—and much of it is of poor quality. The content you provide has to be genuine, meaningful, and has intent and purpose. When you have quality content, people share it with others and it builds trust and reputation. Through the help of our Montana healthcare marketing agency, you will have content that connects and resonates with people. MGMT Digital can help you achieve that goal with the following services:

  • Content Marketing—our experienced marketing team creates quality content that people understand, share, and inspires them to act.
  • Social Media Marketing—in addition to content, MGMT Digital will help get your products and services on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other important social media platforms
  • Reputation Management—reputation management helps build buzz around your facility. Importantly, it helps you effectively tell your facility’s story and all that you do to improve people’s lives.
  • Email Marketing—email marketing allows you to show people the value of your services, and it allows those who have benefitted from your facility to share their testimonials with others 

If you have tried to take on digital marketing on your own, you find out quickly that it is a full-time job. Even if you can wear many hats, the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing will take your focus away from your clients and your facility as a whole. MGMT provides top-notch consulting services that allows you to focus on what you do best and helps you navigate the rough spots. Our consulting services include the following:

  • LegitScript—LegitScript is a third-party certification expert that ensures that facilities such as yours employ trained and experienced professionals that are ethical and have the well-being of the client in mind.
  • Consulting—our consulting services include new program consulting, HIPAA compliance, billing and utilization, and alumni programs

What Sectors of Healthcare Does MGMT Digital Serve?

MGMT Digital is a Montana marketing agency whose marketing strategies and campaigns benefit facilities across all healthcare sectors. Since our formation, MGMT Digital is most well-known for our work with addiction treatment centers and rehabs nationwide. In addition to addiction treatment centers, our Montana healthcare marketing agency helps other creates quality marketing campaigns for the following sectors:

  • Mental health treatment centers
  • Eating disorder treatment centers
  • Non-profit programs
  • Hospitals and clinics

MGMT Digital is a Top-Rated Healthcare Digital Marketing Facility Servicing Montana

If you are a facility owner or marketer at your facility, you will benefit from the expertise and professionalism of a reputable Montana marketing agency with a proven track record of success. MGMT Digital is a top-tier digital marketing agency with one goal in mind: seeing your practice thrive in the long run. We employ proven digital and traditional marketing strategies that are effective and employ the best in ethical practices.

Our marketing campaigns are created through close collaboration with you and your facility. With every step, we are in close communication ensuring we are using the right marketing tools that suit your needs. It is our goal to have a long and fruitful relationship as your treatment center grows. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you. 

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