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Change how people find your center through our digital marketing services for addiction & mental health centers.

Healthcare Marketing in New York

If you are looking to jump into the healthcare marketing pool, it’s best that you jump in with both feet. You have both seen and heard that marketing for your healthcare facility is absolutely critical for your long-term growth and survival. 

Just how important is healthcare marketing in New York? These statistics will make you take notice:

  • 59% of Americans consider patient reviews to be an important factor when choosing a physician
  • The majority of patients (80%) use their smartphones to identify or interact with physicians
  • There are over a billion health-related search queries on Google every day

It goes without saying that New York healthcare marketing is your path to growing your patient base and extremely important to keeping your current patients. Importantly, healthcare marketing helps build trust and confidence. 

If you are all in on marketing for your facility, what is the next step? Since healthcare marketing is constantly changing, you need a healthcare marketing agency in New York whose sole focus is designing a marketing campaign that will grow your practice for the long run. As one of digital healthcare marketing’s premier agencies, MGMT Digital utilizes the latest marketing tools and strategies proven to get the results you need. 

What Healthcare Marketing Looks Like in New York

New York healthcare marketing is very niche and highly competitive. No matter the services you provide your patients, there are countless practices and facilities trying to get the same client base as your practice. No matter the size of your facility, having a solid healthcare marketing strategy that fuses digital and traditional tools will help you get a leg up on the competition. In order to get you to your goals and grow your brand, you need a reputable New York healthcare marketing agency such as MGMT Digital in your corner. 

MGMT Digital is a boutique marketing agency who fully understands the intricacies and ever-changing nature of the digital healthcare marketing space. Our experienced team of professionals have a firm pulse on emerging marketing trends and have vast knowledge of all forms of digital and traditional marketing. We work closely with every client, evaluating their needs and goals and designing a healthcare marketing strategy that grows with them and stays within budget. As your needs change, we change with you. It is this attention to detail that sets MGMT Digital apart from the rest. 

02Digital Marketing Services That MGMT Digital Provides

MGMT Digital is a New York healthcare marketing agency that offers a wide variety of digital services tailor-made for the complexities of the digital healthcare space. We utilize marketing tools that are evidence-based, time-tested, and proven to help grow your brand. Our New York healthcare marketing agency offers the following services that will help you stand out and get noticed:

In order for your healthcare facility to stand head and shoulders above your competition, you need to have a strong presence and brand. Branding makes your facility memorable and creates a strong and favorable impression on those who seek your services. MGMT Digital can help you build a strong and lasting impression with the following services:

  • Branding and Design—creating a logo, color palette, and font that is eye-catching and elicits a strong and desirable psychological response in people to take action
  • Web Design and Development—creating a website that is easy to navigate and read, features eye-catching design, optimized for those using smartphones and tablets, and can be modified easily as your practice grows and changes
  • Videography—professionally shot video speaks volumes about your facility and the services you provide. Videography helps educate, inspire, and connect with clients that builds familiarity and trust.
  • Traditional Marketing—while digital marketing has become all-important, you can miss connection points with customers if you neglect traditional marketing. Our traditional marketing includes direct marketing, print, trade show materials, and billboards.

While the services and care you provide changes lives, people won’t know about what you do if you don’t market your services. Marketing draws people in and gets them interested in what you do and what you provide that adds quality and value to their lives. MGMT Digital’s New York healthcare marketing offers the following services to get your services and message across to prospective and current clients:

  • SEO—we employ sound search engine optimization practices to target the keywords and phrases that people search the most so you get increased foot traffic and visibility to your website.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising—through proper use of paid advertising, people can click on your ad and see for themselves the width and breadth of what you provide.
  • Lead Generation—MGMT’s lead generation services allow you to better understand who is visiting your website and turn interest into admissions.
  • Custom Reporting and Analytics—through thorough and concise reporting and analytics, we know what is and isn’t working in your marketing campaign and we can fine-tune and modify so you can continue to engage your client base.

It seems that the internet is full of content—and a lot of it is poorly thought and executed. You must have content that is genuine, meaningful, and has intent and purpose. Quality content gets shared, and it builds trust and reputation. Through the help of our New York healthcare marketing agency, you will have content that connects and resonates with people. MGMT Digital can help you achieve that goal with the following services:

  • Content Marketing—our experienced marketing team knows the healthcare marketing space, and we create quality content that people understand, share, and inspires them to act
  • Social Media Marketing—in addition to content, MGMT Digital will help get your products and services on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other key social media platforms
  • Reputation Management—you need to build a buzz about your facility and your good work. Through reputation management, you will be able to tell your facility’s story and all that you do to improve people’s lives.
  • Email Marketing—email marketing is still an effective form of communication. Email marketing allows you to show people the value of your services, and it allows those who have benefitted from your facility to share their testimonials with others. 

Digital marketing is a full-time job. You may think you can wear many hats, but keeping up with the latest marketing trends while running a facility can leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost. MGMT provides top-notch consulting services that allows you to focus on what you do best and helps you navigate the rough spots. Our consulting services include the following:

  • LegitScript—LegitScript is a third-party certification expert that ensures that facilities such as yours employ trained and experienced professionals that are ethical and have the well-being of the client in mind
  • Consulting—our consulting services include new program consulting, HIPAA compliance, billing and utilization, and alumni programs

Types of Healthcare We Provide Marketing For

MGMT Digital is a marketing firm that can benefit facilities and practices throughout the healthcare space. For years, we have been most known for our work with addiction treatment centers all over the country. In addition to addiction treatment centers, our New York healthcare marketing agency helps other areas of healthcare including:

  • Mental health treatment centers
  • Eating disorder treatment centers
  • Non-profit programs
  • Hospitals and clinics

No matter where in the healthcare spectrum your facility lies, MGMT Digital will ensure that your New York healthcare marking is on point and reaches your target audience.

MGMT Digital is a Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency Providing Services in New York

As a facility owner, your number one priority is getting clients through your doors. Maybe you have tried to up your marketing game with another marketing agency but didn’t get the results you needed. Maybe you are hesitant in putting significant money into digital healthcare marketing. While you may have reservations, the experienced professionals at MGMT Digital will work with you in getting the results you need and deserve.

MGMT Digital focuses on your long-term success, and we will work with you in designing a campaign that perfectly fits your needs and budget. As you grow and succeed, we will ensure that your marketing continues that growth. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation. Take your healthcare marketing New York to new heights.

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