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What Is Local Search Engine Optimization for Healthcare?

The internet is global but oftentimes how and what we search for is extremely local. Sure, if you’re looking for vacation packages to Italy, your search is going to start more broadly in terms of who you book through. But even then, as you narrow down the city you’re visiting, your search becomes exponentially more local in nature.

Local search makes up a substantial proportion of what people are looking for online, in fact, local search makes up 46% of all online queries.

Understanding and internalizing that fact means we can allocate your budget in a way that more heavily weights local search optimization services to get you real results. Why? Because competing nationally on the big-ticket keywords like “drug addiction rehab” or “alcohol treatment” is extremely difficult.

Why Local SEO Matters in Addiction Treatment

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Understanding and internalizing that fact means we can allocate your budget in a way that more heavily weights local search optimization services to get you real results. Why? Because competing nationally on the big-ticket keywords like “drug addiction rehab” or “alcohol treatment” is extremely difficult.

Don’t get us wrong, in and of itself, difficult isn’t an issue, we’re no stranger to solving difficult problems but we’ll be honest, getting you to rank highly across the country on general keywords won’t necessarily bring more people in for treatment.

When someone in Florida jumps on Google, frantically looking for ways to save the life of their addict friend or family member, they don’t punch in “drug addiction rehab”. They get specific and type “heroin treatment south Florida”.

But even if that same Floridian search generically, we’ll explain later why dominating local drug rehab SEO means your facility will still come up.

Why Does Google My Business Matter in Healthcare Local SEO?

As you’ve no doubt discovered, advertising your treatment facility online has become much more challenging in recent years due to the abuse of the system by providers who were taking advantage of the advertising system and then delivering less than sterling treatment, to put it nicely. In a nutshell, Google and Facebook cracked down and made everyone certify through LegitScript before running ads.

So, what does that have to do with utilizing your Google My Business?

Before going into that, let’s cover what Google My Business (GMB) is first. When you search any brick and mortar company or location-based service you’ll see a map come up with 3 top choices that show the location as well as some additional pertinent information.

Now if the vast majority of search is done on Google and 46% of that search is local, it’s absolutely imperative to not only claim your Google My Business page but also optimize it to show your facility in the best light possible.

Goolge My Business Facts

Goolge My Business Facts

Those top 3 choices are called the “local pack”, it shows up in the number 1 spot 93% of the time, and the best way to get your addiction treatment center to be in that top 3 is by getting your GMB in sterling condition.

In addition to contact details, with GMB you can display your hours of operation, post updates, events, offers and other new content directly to your listing and add photos. Although we’re taught to not do it, people will always judge a book by its cover so having those pictures professionally done is worth it. You can even add a 360 virtual tour of your facility to immerse the viewer and give an even better sense of your rehab.

Another big feature of GMB, and a point of Healthcare local SEO opportunity, is the reviews. If someone is seeking treatment for themselves or a loved one, reviews of your facility tell the story from the previously lived experience of those who came through your doors before. That perspective is crucial for the people looking for you. It also makes a difference in your SEO because if there’s one thing Google strives to do, it’s to make their results as relevant as possible. Lots of reviews mean your facility is seen as more relevant.

Long story short, the more robust and content-rich you can make your page, with targeted keywords and detailed information, the more you’ll stand out locally when someone is looking for treatment options in their area.

This one tool can change your Healthcare local SEO and lead generation dramatically. It’s not exactly paid advertising since it’s free to claim your page but the effects of making it shine can give you a boost in extraordinary ways.

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The Importance of Local SEO for Healthcare

Local search is important because it mirrors how we look for things in our actual day to day lives. Let’s reexamine the example at the top of how someone might search for heroin treatment in south Florida. Let’s say they don’t get specific with a long tail keyword and just search the much more generic “drug rehab”.

What would happen?

A local option would still come up in Google Map Business first before the rest of the search options.

That’s because Google uses locations service on the device you’re searching from to make “sure your search results include things near you, to showing you when a restaurant is typically busy, location can make your experiences across Google more relevant and helpful”.

So even in generic searches, local results are more heavily favored and if you’re not paying attention to how to optimize the local SEO, you won’t be one of those results.

Perhaps most importantly, Google makes it crystal clear that there is no way to request or pay for a better local ranking on its search engine.

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How MGMT Tackles Local SEO in Your Healthcare Center

What we do at our boutique digital marketing agency is work with you to get your GMB page firing on all cylinders. From content marketing for Healthcare to getting the images and video in order, the same attention to detail that you put in building a world-class treatment center is how we aim to have it reflected in search.

Further, we do the deeper work of working on your keyword ranking locally and helping you source powerful reviews that hammer home what you do best in those very keyword-friendly terms.

Get Found When It Matters With Local SEO for Healthcare From MGMT

The key takeaway is that the strategy and process for local SEO is different from regular drug rehab SEO and if you’re not maximizing the local side of things, someone else certainly is and they’re coming up in that search well before you are.

Having an addiction treatment marketing team that understands that can help you shine where it matters most; right in your own backyard.

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