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MGMT Digital is a boutique marketing agency that specializes in the addiction treatment and mental health industry. Founded in 2017, the MGMT team has been fortunate enough to build treatment centers’ brands and help others who help others. Since the beginning, the mission has always remained the same: to be an ethical solution in the industry that we love. Strategically put together, the team at MGMT Digital is comprised of individuals in recovery that have worked in the digital marketing and treatment industry for many years- a team who collectively knew there was a strong need for authentic, organic growth for centers that struggled with building their brand and increasing their census. 

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What Is Special About Us?

Remaining a boutique agency since the start, MGMT Digital’s biggest focus is on communication. The treatment industry is personal, so the team at MGMT is as well. Having a personal relationship with clients and truly understanding their program and goals is how the MGMT team is able to achieve the results that centers need. That’s exactly where the drive comes from.

How We Help

Throughout the years, MGMT Digital has helped treatment centers throughout the country stabilize, grow, and expand by utilizing every effective angle of marketing necessary for a center to thrive. Acting as an in-house team at an agency rate, MGMT Digital offers cost-effective, full-service packages to get facilities where they deserve to be. MGMT Digital is always looking for additional centers to help thrive and succeed while they help our recovering community. If you work or own a treatment center, visit MGMT Digital or call 1 (866) 248-4857 for a free website audit, analysis and proposal today.

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