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Businesses of all kinds, including healthcare providers and facilities, depend on technology. Today, technology is more important than ever to marketing and communication. Digital marketing has taken over as the primary method to get your message to the eyes of potential patients and customers. Choosing a digital marketing strategy helps you access a larger audience while ensuring your message reaches your target market in the most effective way possible. There are many tools you can use to create, implement and monitor your digital marketing campaigns. One such tool is CallRail.

What is CallRail?

A key aspect of successful marketing is tracking and monitoring the leads generated by your marketing efforts. With so many ways to procure leads (websites, social media, word of mouth, etc.), it can quickly become challenging to monitor all of the various lead-generating channels. Your website is likely the easiest to track due to direct contact submission forms, but what about all of the other possible contact methods. CallRail can help. Callrail tracks your phone leads, which can help your business determine which marketing efforts are effective and which may not produce as many leads.

What Does CallRail Do?

As a lead tracking tool, CallRail has many features that businesses of all kinds can use to increase contacts, sales, and overall revenue. Examples of notable CallRail benefits include:

  • Lead scoring
  • Phone call recording
  • Call tracking and analytics services
  • Keyword spotting technology

The best part about CallRail is that these tools are easy to access, and they provide data that is simple to understand. It is easy to install CallRail tracking on your website as well. Integrating CallRail technology into your website dynamically replaces the phone numbers on your site. When a visitor is detected from an appropriate source (such as Google Ads), the code provided to your analytics database reads and operates just like Google Analytics.

In addition to call tracking, CallRail offers a variety of other tools for businesses, including form tracking, conversation intelligence (automatic conversation transcription), and a lead center that allows you to manage all types of communication with your clients from one easy to manage inbox.

How Can CallRail Help Grow Your Business?

It is impossible to track all of your incoming leads manually. However, accurate data about your lead conversions and marketing efforts are vital to improving and growing your business. The best marketing professionals place the type of data provided by CallRail technology at the top of their priority lists. Therefore, CallRail is a vital addition to your digital marketing efforts.

CallRail tools provide various benefits that can help you grow your business. CallRail can track lead sources, record calls, determine which parts of your Google Ads campaign generated ta lead, increase conversion rates and reduce response times.

It is easy to see how CallRail can benefit your business. Without these tools, you may miss out on vital leads which could turn into life-long clients. Because most analytics tools only monitor data from one or two locations, many other data sources fall under the radar, meaning you miss a large portion of essential data. Some studies suggest one of the biggest challenges for businesses looking to improve their marketing is finding ways to generate new traffic and business leads. CallRail can quickly and efficiently eliminate this problem.

How MGMT Digital Uses CallRail in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The ability to monitor the success of your digital marketing campaigns is vital to business growth. It is also a crucial component of understanding which marketing efforts are successful and which are not. This knowledge helps you determine where improvements can and should be made.

MGMT Digital uses CallRail in your digital marketing strategies to provide you with in-depth, detailed, and accurate lead tracking information. We use CallRail services to ensure you know more about where your leads generate from and which aspects of your campaign generate those leads. Integrating CallRail tools as part of your marketing strategy offers many benefits to your organization, including increased sales, improved return on investment, optimized advertising and marketing efforts, and getting the most out of your marketing dollars.

To learn more about CallRail and our services at MGMT Digital, contact us today.

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