Marketing During the Holidays for Healthcare

Marketing During the Holidays for Healthcare

When we think of the holidays, we think of family gatherings, parties, and being together with the ones we love. In the healthcare world, the holidays often mean increased stress, family dynamics, economic worries, and other stressors. If you are gearing up marketing during the holidays for healthcare, you know you need to significantly change your approach in order to keep customer interest in your services. In this article, MGMT Digital will discuss how the holidays impact search trends as well as tips to help you maximize marketing during the holiday season.

How Do the Holidays Impact Search Trends?

On the surface, you may not see parallels between healthcare marketing and retail marketing. In reality, many people “shop” for medical services much like they do for new clothes, appliances, or other retail items. During the holiday season, it is no surprise that people are have an increased need for emergency services. Among holiday mishaps that require emergency care include burns related to cooking fires, injuries to children related to toys, decorating related injuries, food poisoning, and car accidents among others.

Because of the hustle and bustle that holiday season brings, people don’t have a ton of time to search for healthcare providers. As a result, they will choose a provider that is at or near the top of page 1 in Google or Bing searches. If your facility provides quality services but does not have a strong online presence, you are losing out on clients to other healthcare providers. That is why is it vital to engage in dynamic marketing during the holidays for healthcare.

Tips For Marketing During the Holidays For Healthcare Clinics

When you are marketing during the holidays for healthcare, what should you do to maximize your reach and keep clients coming through the door? The simple answer is to keep the sound digital marketing practices you have in place all year, but slightly tweak it for the holidays. For example, you should gear your keyword research that new and potential clients are search during the holiday season. Once those are identified, have plan, create, and regularly release blogs related to those keywords. As always, you should ensure that location and address information is updated in Google Business.

A marketing strategy that may help increase client traffic is offering special holiday hours. Offering later evening and weekend hours will make your practice more inviting to people who need your services. Additionally, it is wise to continue with your email and text marketing. During the holiday season, you may want to consider offering referral bonuses, discounted or free services, and holiday promotional deals. You can also offer personalized email and text marketing such as greeting cards, tips on staying healthy and safe during the holidays, and reminders to book services for the New Year.

Since the holidays are a time of economic stress for some clients, a great tip for marketing during the holidays for healthcare is to offer flexible payment plans for services. You can consider a point-of-sale financing program that allows your clients to pay over time and at low-interest rates. Along with other flexible payment options, you can set yourself apart from other facilities. You can also set up a donation drive where you will match a percentage for a local charity, school or other organization.

How MGMT Can Help You Implement a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Marketing during the holidays for healthcare is just a part of a comprehensive marketing strategy your need for your practice. If you need help taking your healthcare marketing to the next level, you need a dedicated team of professionals in your corner whose sole focus in helping your brand grow for the long term. Most importantly, this team of professionals must have intimate knowledge of the healthcare space and a pulse on emerging marketing trends.

MGMT Digital is a premier digital marketing agency whose sole focus is healthcare marketing. We work with each client to develop a marketing strategy that fits their specific needs, goals, and budget. Our dynamic fusion of traditional and digital marketing ensures you increase your census and brand. Contact us today and take your marketing to the next level. 

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