MGMT’s Best Moments of 2022

MGMT’s Growth in 2022

“In 2022, MGMT grew in such an amazing way. Since our clients were successful, we feel successful. Some of our seasoned clients expanded, opened new facilities, and we feel that we were a big part of that. We connected with brand-new clients in different areas throughout the country and built meaningful relationships with every one of them. We continued to expand into mental health and other behavioral healthcare businesses. From that growth, our internal team grew as well. With a couple of new members of the MGMT team, we collected new knowledge, experiences, and memories that mean so much to all of us. We were able to hone in on further improving what has already set us apart – truly knowing our clients and being an extension of their team, diving deep into what sets them apart, and communicating with them every step of the way.”

Zach Gross

MGMT’s First Appearance at a Conference

“MGMT Digital attended our first conference this year, The Global Exchange Conference in Orlando, Florida. It was such a great experience getting to meet so many great people in this industry and to shake the hands of people who run such impactful programs. We are very much looking forward to attending more conferences in 2023!”

Nicole Burson

Number of People We Were Able to Help Connect to Treatment

In 2022, MGMT Digital helped:

  • 1,168,826 people visited our clients’ websites
  • 76,000+ people contacted our clients for treatment

Hiring Anna Hernandez

  • “Earlier this year, MGMT Digital was in need of an employee who could assist with growing our social media marketing as well as brand management. That’s where Anna comes in. From the first interview, we knew that she would be a perfect fit for our team. Since joining MGMT, Anna has revamped our approach to social media and brand design. From growing each account’s followings to creating cohesive brand guidelines, Anna has been a huge asset to the MGMT team.”
Steph Maitner

Hiring Marta Dias e Seixas

“In July of 2022, we hired Marta, our amazing Digital Marketing Specialist. Marta has greatly assisted every department within MGMT Digital, helping us become more efficient as a company.”

Nicole Burson

MGMT’s Work Retreat to Austin

“As a fully remote company, quality time with coworkers can be hard to navigate. This year our team had the opportunity to gather in Austin, Texas – some of us meeting in person for the first time outside the arrival gates. And while some hadn’t seen each other in months and others had only just formally been introduced, what ensued was a successful few days jam-packed with brainstorming, collaborating, adventuring, and bonding. From photoshoots to oysters at Perla’s and rounds of cornhole to late-night karaoke – our team had a blast being in-person together, and we can’t wait to make it happen again in 2023!”

Anna Hernandez

Team Photoshoot

“During our trip to Austin, we were able to connect in a different way by doing a photoshoot together. Not only was this a great way to brand ourselves and showcase who we are to the outside world, but we were also able to connect as a group. We created some amazing content that made us all closer as a team!”

Marta Dias e Seixas

The Launch of the New MGMT Website

“This year, we redesigned the MGMT Digital site to better fit where we are now as an agency. From more personalized content to data breakdowns and case studies, we wanted to ensure our website followed the same concepts we utilize when building our client’s websites.”

Steph Maitner

Expanding Team Knowledge and Visting Facilities

“In 2022, a few of MGMT Digital’s employees went to go visit some of our client’s facilities. These were amazing experiences and really helped us to understand their programs better and to get to know the staff more personally. We intend to continue doing this in 2023.”

Nicole Burson

Making Plans And Continuing Growth in 2023

“MGMT will continue to grow in 2023, but we will continue to do so in the same way we have been throughout the years – steady. It’s important to us to focus on retention above all else. We feel that our approach has led us to the success we’ve had. We pride ourselves on being a boutique agency, where we have relationships with clients, understand their needs and deliver them the highest quality work possible. We’ll never lose sight of that.”

Zach Gross

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