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Hundreds, if not thousands, of behavioral health services, are available in cities across the nation. Many may be a direct source of competition for your behavioral health program. Digital marketing campaigns are a convenient and effective way to get your message out to potential and existing clients alike. But, how does a provider ensure they are reaching their target market? 

What Is a Behavioral Health Program?

Behavioral health programs are those treatment programs designed to help those struggling with addiction (substance use disorders) or mental health conditions. Common examples include psychotherapy programs like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and others meant to help participants examine and better understand the thoughts and behaviors that impact their symptoms. Behavioral health programs also (often) include medications used to help reduce the intensity and severity of the individual’s symptoms.

The most effective behavioral health programs generally combine evidence-based (tested through research) psychotherapy and medication. Today, there are thousands of behavioral health service providers across the nation. Behavioral health services are available in a wide variety of settings ranging from private practice to inpatient residential treatment centers. With so many options for potential patients to choose from, it can be difficult for providers or treatment centers to know how to ensure their message reaches potential patients. How does a provider or organization ensure they are marketing their services to the right client base?

Find Out Where You Stand

Individuals who are ready to seek treatment for mental health or addiction will often research their options before selecting a treatment program. Depending on the individual, they may seek advice from their primary care provider or current mental health provider. In the absence of either option, they will turn to a search engine such as Google to find information on a program nearby that can help address their treatment needs and goals. There are many different marketing strategies for behavioral health providers. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO can be a vital component in behavioral health marketing strategy when done correctly. SEO designed around the business of mental health can lead to increased traffic to your business. SEO is not always straightforward or easy to understand. Still, with the help of the professional team at MGMT Digital, you can ensure your site has the vital components it needs to generate the business you are looking for. 

Social Media Marketing and Advertising Tools

People turn to social media for many reasons. Each day, users of all ages and from all demographics spend hours scrolling through social media content. Choosing to spend marketing dollars on a social media marketing campaign can provide visibility for your behavioral health practice at a level other digital marketing platforms may struggle to achieve. 

Conversion Focused Website Design

The most successful websites are those focused on providing the “right” patient experience. If your site is outdated, difficult to navigate, or functions inadequately, it will not create a pleasurable user experience, and users will likely go elsewhere. Be sure to find a professional service provider like MGMT Digital who understands the behavioral health market and the vital importance of a pleasing, mobile-optimized, and highly functional website. All these factors will improve website lead conversion. 

Although the above three marketing strategies are not the only successful options, they are proven effective in behavioral health marketing and a host of other business marketing strategies. If your marketing campaign is designed correctly and effectively executed, it will produce results. Contact us at MGMT Digital today if you want to see better results from your existing marketing or are ready to develop a new series of marketing strategies for a behavioral health program. Our experienced team can work with you and your marketing team to design a highly optimized marketing strategy that ensures your behavioral health practice has a solid digital presence, including optimized SEO and high social media visibility. We understand behavioral health is a competitive market. Let our team show you how to stand apart from the competition. 


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