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Content Is King. Why Your Facility Needs Quality Content.

There’s a reason you’ve heard those words countless times. First of all, it sounds nice. Secondly, beyond the platitude-ness of it, it’s just flat out true. Content is king. It doesn’t take a genius to point that out considering the sea of content we all swim through each day but nonetheless, a genius did point that out. Bill Gates, back in 1996, in the early days of the internet coined the phrase in an essay of the same name. And clearly he was onto something.

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It can feel like content overload at this point and that’s largely due to the fact that there’s just so much poorly thought out and executed content out there. Our collective blinders are on, our filters working at maximum capacity so we can whittle down the deluge of words, pictures, sounds and videos that makes it to our eyes and ears with the goal of only letting through what touches our hearts and minds. Which is why quality is important. Content may be king, but its queen is quality.

Something created genuinely and with intention, with purpose, is much more likely to land than media made in a mill, pumped out on a proverbial conveyor belt. Quality content gets shared and linked to. That may create a nice warm feeling inside but what it’s really doing is boosting and increasing your SEO.

Disposable content is just that; disposable. All the effort for naught. Your treatment center needs quality content because that’s what truly connects and resonates at the core, which is ultimately an analog for one of the objectives of drug and alcohol treatment; connecting and resonating at the core.

Make sure your content is telling that story.

Treatment & Healthcare Digital Marketing Services That Make a Difference.

From digital marketing to consulting, MGMT Digital offers every service your center needs to establish and grow your brand. We are seasoned experts in behavioral healthcare marketing and we will create a strategy that fits your facilities needs.

How MGMT Approaches Content Creation within Healthcare

Meaningful content isn’t created by chance.

From the 30,000-foot view, we’re a company that understands drug rehab content marketing because we’ve lived it. Many of us have a personal and deeply felt experience going through treatment ourselves. We’ve walked the walk of the very people you’re trying to motivate into action.

Partnering with an agency that can help you speak to those struggling with addiction in a way in which you’re heard and not filtered out is crucial. We can do that because at one point we were those people too. Our approach to healthcare content marketing services and content creation is rooted in the baseline of understanding addiction and further informed by our equally deep knowledge of the digital space and the content that works there.


Connection is what makes the world go round. We can’t make much of a difference individually after all and striving to establish greater and more rich relationships makes change more possible. That’s why creating meaningful content that truly resonates is so important. Connecting with your audience is more than just having an audience. If your content isn’t meaningful, they may be there today but they’ll surely be gone tomorrow. Sticking around is predicated on being inspired and moved.

Your audience stays with you because you add value to their lives. People can smell disingenuous content from miles away nowadays and they turn their nose up to. Think the scent of a skunk or the off-putting, ever so slightly annoyed vibe you get when you receive what are very clearly spam emails or when you click a link and are taken to a page of painfully obvious filler content, stuffed with keywords. It doesn’t feel good because that type of content doesn’t mean anything to the reader/viewer.

The healthcare content marketing agency services we provide are built on that awareness and motivated by the fact that, more than any other audience, one dealing with addiction is longing and yearning for connection.

Unique Content Marketing Techniques for Healthcare and Addiction Treatment

Drug rehab content marketing is naturally something that requires delicate and knowledge-based messaging but that’s not all. It takes the know-how of the techniques and outlets that get that content seen too. Great content without anyone digesting it is like a beautiful cake that goes uneaten. What’s the point of making it? And how does it enhance SEO?

The idea of content marketing is to get people to interact with, and in the end, contact your treatment facility. How we do that is by leveraging all types of content. The most obvious and valuable though is blogs. Blogging is vital. Blogs may appear as just simple write-ups on a particular topic that you feel you’re “required” to have but in actuality, they’re so much more.

In addition to being affordable, blogging in addiction treatment marketing presents your treatment center as a thought leader on the topics you deem important. In that sense you’re using it as a form of targeting, targeting by keywords that your audience is interested in. It allows you to go explore those topics, creating value and imparting deeper level information on exactly what people want to know more about. Because you’re digging deeper into particular addiction treatment subjects, you’re in turn able to ramp up your SEO ranking without stuffing each piece with a million keywords. The more in-depth you go the more organically the SEO is lifted and the more benefit you give your reader. All of that also helps build your community and strengthen your relationships.

The content you put can create leads through that very community. After all, you’re trying to get people clean and living a fulfilling life. If something you put out resonates with a reader and they have a brother, mother, friend or cousin struggling with addiction, they’ll be more likely to reach back out directly to you for a solution.

Let's Create Content That Moves People. Together.

Great content isn’t an accident or a fluke, it takes a real understanding of the topic and the digital landscape in which it’s being shared into. More importantly though, it takes knowing your audience and being able to speak in a language they understand and which touches them. That resonates.

Reach out to our boutique marketing agency will tell you more on how to get people what they’re looking for through content marketing.


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