Before 2020, many people would not have considered choosing telehealth over seeing their doctor, therapist, or addiction counselor in person. 

How the times have changed.

The best way to market a telemedicine practice is through digital outlets. Your potential clients are purely using the internet to look for virtual health or addiction treatment services. 

The telemedicine industry is currently booming, and this is the perfect time to begin telehealth marketing. Get in front of your target market while the demand is so high!

How Do You Get Telehealth Clients?

If you did not know where to find telehealth services, where would you look? Google.

Keywords such as “virtual mental health treatment” and “online counseling” have increased greatly in search volume since March of 2020, as you can see in the graph below.

Marketing your treatment center the traditional way, such as word-of-mouth, billboards, or brochures, is not nearly as effective as it once was. Digital is the future of addiction treatment marketing.

When we say digital, we are alluding to so many different kinds of telehealth marketing strategies. Digital encompasses every marketing outlet from social media to search engine optimization to branding & design.

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How to Market Telehealth

We can break up our 8 beginning steps for telehealth marketing into three categories.

Create Your Digital Foundation

Step 1: Have Your Website Professionally Designed

The absolute most important part of creating a solid foundation for your telehealth marketing is creating the best website possible. This website not only needs to be informational for your potential clients, but the design needs to put them at ease and build credibility for your brand.

Now let us answer the question you may be asking yourself: how in the world can the design of a website give users a sense of trustworthiness?

That’s why this step is titled “have your website professionally designed” and not “build your own website”. Professionals, like the web designers at MGMT Digital, have studied which colors tend to give users a relaxed feeling and what language within a website’s content builds trust and assurance.

Your website is the landing place for potential patients from all outlets. Whether they find you through Google, an ad, or social media, your website is the next place they will go. Make sure they are impressed.

Step 2: Begin Search Engine Optimization

Now that you have a conversion-geared website, you need to get this site out and in front of your target audience. You need visibility.

The dream would be to rank on the first page of the search results for “virtual rehab”, “virtual therapy”, or “best telehealth practices”. However, it is a long journey to get there so start as soon as you can. 

Search engine optimization consists of many, many strategies and techniques to try to get Google to push your site into view. We can generally break down these strategies into six different categories:

  • Technical SEO (managing the backend of your website)
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • CRO
  • Content

We will discuss a couple of these categories below, but it is always better to have a professional monitor and handle your drug rehab SEO.

Step 3: Begin to Run Ads

Another way to get in front of the right users is to run paid ads. Catching users attention at the top of the SERP, before Organic results, can generate a lot of traffic. 

By beginning PPC services, you are fast-tracking your success. While SEO can take a long time, paid ads is a sure way to get quicker results. 

In addition to running ads on Google, you can run ads on social media as well. Instagram is a great avenue for telehealth marketing, as it reaches users that maybe wouldn’t have sought you out on their own.

Build Your Telehealth Brand Presence

Step 4: Strengthen Your Social Media Game

Social media marketing in mental health is not usually the most effective way to get patients, but it is a necessary staple in marketing your telemedicine practice. Having a solid social media presence is necessary for multiple reasons:

  • Credibility
    • When users are looking to learn more about your brand, they typically look you up on social media. If your social media pages are out-dated, stale, and stagnant, it is easy to discount your brand. If your social media pages have someone actively posting consistent, quality, helpful content, then a user might be more inclined to reach out to you. 
  • Discoverability
    • When you are posting relatable, informational content on your social media pages, chances are your posts will get retweeted or shared. This increases your discoverability as more users see your content and find your brand. 
  • Relationship Building
    • Your social media pages will hopefully accumulate a following. This following doesn’t necessarily have to be from people who need your services right now, they may just follow you for the quality of your posts. However, further down the road, you may post something that motivates them to sign up for your services when they wouldn’t have before.

Step 5: Create Captivating Blog Content For Middle & Top-of-the-Funnel Users

Ranking for the bottom-of-the-funnel keywords like “telemedicine practices” is the goal, right? However, when conducting telehealth marketing, you have to look beyond just the basic objective and broaden your plan.

When you produce blogs about your field and target long-tail keywords, you can attract users just looking to know more about your industry.

For example, the keyword “does blue cross blue shield cover telehealth” gets searched 170 times per month. This keyword could bring in qualified users if your treatment center does accept this insurance. 

In addition to bringing in large volumes of traffic, creating top-notch blogs also makes your brand look like a quality informational source within the industry. This increases your brand’s credibility and is key to telehealth marketing.

Step 6: Launch Email Marketing Campaigns and Build Quality Links

Another way to build your brand’s awareness is getting seen on other websites. Link-building is basically a two-for-one deal. Google takes backlinks into heavy consideration when it comes to ranking, and if you get that backlink from quality websites, it’s PR for your brand!

The most common way to link-build is by starting email marketing campaigns. This can be reaching out to websites to see if they will allow you to write a guest blog, or asking for your blog to be linked as an informational resource.

Increase Your Conversion Rates

Step 7: Collect and Display Positive Testimonials

Time and time again, it has been proven that testimonials and other forms of social proof are the best way to convince a user to reach out to you or sign up for your services. This technique utilizes pathos by invoking an emotional response, as well as using ethos to help users trust your staff and brand more.

Try to collect reviews, whether they be written or video, from as many clients as possible and put that on your website in very visible areas. Most users do not scroll very far below the fold, so make sure these testimonials are high enough on the page to get notices

Step 8: Install a LiveChat Feature

Finally, we highly recommend installing a Livechat feature on your site. Nowadays, many users don’t want to pick up the phone, or at least not right away. Livechats provide a convenience that phone lines do not. Whether it is utilized to answer a quick question or to help with insurance verification (on certain Livechat platforms), these tools are sure to increase your conversion rate.

MGMT Digital works personally with WeRecover and their tool called Wendi. Wendi is a HIPPA-compliant customer experience management bot made for Healthcare that automates insurance qualification, patient scheduling, and much more. We have seen proof that Wendi greatly increases the amount of leads on client’s sites. 

MGMT Digital Can Help You Build Your Telehealth Marketing Plan

Running a virtual treatment center, whether it be addiction treatment, mental health, or another healthcare service, is hard enough on its own. That’s what MGMT Digital is here for. Our goal is to allow you to focus on running your program while we generate traffic and leads to your business.

The team at MGMT Digital is passionate about marketing with a mission, we were founded on it. We know the addiction treatment inside and out because we’ve been there. We can empathize and understand your target audience on a very personal level.

With 20 years of experience in innovative digital marketing within the treatment industry, we know exactly what attracts users to your site and how to make sure your business is discoverable. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask for a free audit today. 

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