Sequoia Detox

Top-Rated Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Spokane Valley, Washington


The foundation of our services, our facility, and our staffing is focused on the individual and their needs because we understand that no two people are exactly alike and every situation is unique.

We are confident that our dedication to empowering and motivating patients will allow them to have a stronger foundation for the rest of their recovery journey.

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Sequoia Detox is an alcohol and drug detoxification center in Spokane, Washington. Sequoia Detox offers housing and around-the-clock medical staff while a client is detoxing. After detox is over, Sequoia Detox works hard to find the right inpatient treatment center to refer their clients to. Sequoia also just began offering outpatient levels of care.


When we began working with Sequoia Detox Centers, the website only ranked for about 72 keywords, and their keywords in Spokane were ranking on the second, third, and fourth pages. Sequoia Detox Center was not discoverable online. The website was also very outdated, and displayed imagery in the forest, which may have been misleading to potential clients. In order for the website to be conversion-friendly, it needs to be modernized.


MGMT Digital redesigned Sequoia Detox’s website to better represent their program and to improve user experience. We then re-optimized the website to better target Spokane and the whole state of Washington. Our content team developed Areas We Serve pages in order to target nearby states (such as Idaho), and cities (such as Bellingham). This began to bring in clients from across the state of Washington.

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