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Change how people find your center through our digital marketing services for addiction & mental health centers.

Healthcare Marketing in Tennessee

For many practitioners, healthcare marketing is often approached with kid gloves. While it is essential to grow your facility, brand, and longevity, those who run facilities feel overwhelmed and even lost. Healthcare marketing—and especially digital healthcare marketing—is constantly changing and competition is fierce. How can you realistically grow your practice and still focus on giving the quality care and services your clients expect? The best way to accomplish those goals is to bring on a reputable Tennessee digital market agency to do the heavy lifting for you.

While hiring a digital marketing agency in Tennessee is the most logical step in growing your practice, you may have second thoughts. You may feel you don’t have the budget, or you may have used a digital marketing firm in the past but didn’t get the desired results. It is understandable to be apprehensive in regard to digital marketing, but there is an excellent healthcare marketing agency Tennessee that places integrity, communication, and collaboration over profits. For many in the industry, MGMT Digital ranks at the top.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of digital marketing in Tennessee and how the services provided by MGMT Digital will help you rise above your competition. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Is Digital Marketing Crucial in Tennessee?

So why is digital marketing crucial for your practice? Why should you entrust your marketing to a trusted digital marketing agency in Tennessee? The main reason is that it is the only way you can achieve sustainable growth. You may offer the best services and have the best care team in Tennessee, but if people don’t know about you, the frequency of phone calls and admissions won’t amount to much. Also, there are too many care options and many facilities are investing in digital marketing to reach people. 

How important is it to engage in digital healthcare marketing? Consider the following statistics:

  • There are 100 billion searches for healthcare on Google alone each year
  • There are 70,000 health-related searches per minute every day
  • 66% of internet users look online for information about a specific disease or medical problem
  • 44% of internet users search online for doctors or other health professionals
  • 36% of internet users search online for hospitals or other medical facilities
  • 7% of all Google searches are health-related

The internet can be a goldmine for your practice. Finding the right combination of digital and traditional marketing tools along with a professional executed campaign can help your practice grow leaps and bounds. MGMT Digital is a Tennessee digital marketing agency featuring the tools and experience to get you the results you need and deserve.

02Our Digital Marketing Services

MGMT Digital is a healthcare marketing agency in Tennessee that understands that every practice is unique in their marketing needs. Too many marketing firms employ a one-size-fits-all philosophy in their digital marketing strategies. That approach yields little results, and a large portion of your target market is missed. We offer a broad spectrum of digital and traditional marketing tools tailor-made for your specific needs. Our marketing approach is evidence-based, time-tested, and proven to help grow your practice organically. Our digital marketing agency in Tennessee offers the following services that yield tangible results:

Your “brand” is often the first thing people see. In simple terms, branding helps make your practice memorable, Branding also helps create a strong impression in those who seek your services. MGMT Digital can help you build a strong brand with the following services:

  • Branding and Design—we help you create a unified vision by creating a logo, color palette, and font that is eye-catching and helps one notice and take action
  • Web Design and Development—we will work with you in creating a website that is easy to navigate, features eye-catching design, and is optimized for those using smartphones and tablets
  • Videography—professionally shot video helps educate, inspire, and connect with clients to build familiarity and trust
  • Traditional Marketing—while digital marketing has become all important, you can miss connection points with customers if you neglect traditional marketing. We can help you with traditional marketing tools including direct marketing, print, trade show materials, and billboards.

It’s plain and simple…marketing draws people in and gets them interested in your services and makes them invested in how you improve the quality of their lives. MGMT Digital offers you healthcare marketing that brings your services and message front and center. We offer you the following proven marketing services:

  • Search Engine Optimization—we employ sound SEO practices to target the keywords and phrases that people search the most so you get increased foot traffic and visibility to your website.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising—through proper use of paid advertising, people can click on your ad and see the services and care you provide for patients
  • Lead Generation—MGMT’s lead generation services allow you to better understand who is visiting your website and turns interest into admissions and testimonials
  • Custom Reporting and Analytics—we use custom reporting and analytics to gauge what is and isn’t working in your marketing campaign, and we use that information to fine-tune your marketing strategies

Let’s face facts…

A lot of content you see on websites lack substance. A key component in digital marketing is having content that is meaningful and has purpose. When you have quality content, it gets widely shared and it builds trust and reputation. MGMT Digital’s digital marketing agency in Tennessee provides excellent content marketing tools such as the following:

  • Content Marketing—our experienced marketing team knows how to create dynamic quality content that educates and inspires people to seek your services.
  • Social Media Marketing—MGMT Digital will help get your products and services on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other important social media platforms to reach a wide audience
  • Reputation Management—you need to build a buzz about your facility and your good work. Our Reputation Management program allows you to tell your facility’s story so you can show prospective patients your value.
  • Email Marketing—email marketing is effective and allows you to show people the value of your services, and it allows those who have benefitted from your facility to share their testimonials with others

Digital marketing requires full commitment and energy. In order for you to focus on the things you do best, you need a Tennessee digital marketing agency that focuses on managing your marketing campaign. MGMT provides top-notch consulting such as the following:

  • LegitScript—LegitScript is a third-party certification expert that ensures that facilities such as yours employ trained and experienced professionals that are ethical and have the well-being of the client in mind
  • Consulting—our consulting services include new program consulting, HIPAA compliance, billing and utilization, and alumni programs

Healthcare and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and healthcare go hand-in-hand. The benefits of digital marketing are enormous and can help healthcare facilities of all kinds. MGMT Digital’s sound marketing strategies can help facilities such as addiction treatment centers, mental health facilities, hospitals, and clinics. We can also help non-profits and eating disorder centers. The experienced professionals at our Tennessee digital marketing agency deliver measurable results…let us help you reach your goals. 

MGMT Digital Can Help Drive Admits Through Digital Marketing in Tennessee

Are you looking to increase admits to your healthcare practice? Are you ready to take the leap and let a healthcare marketing agency in Tennessee take the wheel and help you stand head and shoulders over your competitors? MGMT Digital is ready to help you write your success story now and in the future. We will work closely with you in designing a marketing campaign that grows with you as your needs grow. Contact us today for your introductory consultation.

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