Over the past five years, the pros at MGMT have found a secret weapon when it comes to immediately increasing calls and admissions for a drug rehab. It’s the personal connection that is missing from many rehab’s websites.

Why Are Testimonials Effective?

We didn’t really have to look far for why a personal connection was so important to the rehab marketing process. In our own recovery, it was another recovering addict who helped us find our path to recovery. With this new knowledge, we create detailed and complex strategies for utilizing personal stories of recovery from both staff and alumni to guide people to get the help they need whenever they are online.

How to Collect Customer Testimonials Videos from Alumni

For drug treatment centers, the alumni of the program who have remained successfully in recovery can assist in contributing to the content needed for marketing the personal stories. When asking alumni for their stories be clear of your intended use. If it is a video or written content, it’s always good to get written consent to use the content in your marketing efforts for your facility.

Once you have received consent, typically we have one of our professional editors go through and edit the content for grammar and spelling errors, especially for self-written submissions. If we are doing something like a video testimonial, typically we would set up a production day, gather all who are participating, and film the testimonials in one shoot. The videos would then be edited by our expert team and prepared for its intended use.

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We Have Content, Now How Do We Use It?

So now that we have our personal story we want to ensure its proper placement online. Sometimes we may use video testimonials in paid advertising efforts including YouTube advertising, and Facebook advertising.

Other pieces of content, such as written submission will be published and shared across all social media platforms encouraging people to read this person’s story of overcoming addiction. We have put together targeted strategies on social media and through natural link building that can increase the traffic to your website and in turn increase the number of phone calls your facility is receiving.

One piece of content can have multiple purposes, but it is important to always have a strategy when promoting a piece like a personal story or video.

Almost 45% of treatment center patients who watched an online video, watched on YouTube, while 36% watched videos on treatment center websites, according to a 2012 Google study on the journey from treatment to recovery. Since that study, traffic from YouTube to treatment center websites has increased by 202% year over year.

How to Keep Growing User-Submitted Content

There are many agencies that will help you create a great video, or put together a collection of stories to be used for promotion and lead generation. But many times that’s all that happens. Here at MGMT we use each piece of content uniquely and monitor the success. We make sure that your videos are marked up with structured data, transcribed, and used as a growing piece of content.

There are many ways that addiction treatment digital marketing influences a person’s decision to get help for addiction. MGMT knows exactly where your audience is and how to reach them, so don’t worry about doing the heavy lifting. We treat each client as if we were their in-house marketing team, without the hassle and expenses.

Contact us today at reachus@mgmtdigital.com or call us at 1-866-248-4857 to learn more about how we can help your rehab increase your census and maximize your potential through behavioral health marketing.