The Future of Addiction Marketing

addiction treatment marketing

The Future of Drug Rehab Marketing.

When it comes to marketing, all signs point to a digital future for most businesses. Whether it is replacing TV commercials with YouTube Ads, or mailers with email campaigns, most businesses rely on digital marketing now more than ever before. So what does that mean for the addiction treatment digital marketing industry?

Drug Rehab Marketing Overview

In the past most facilities utilized outreach coordinators and marketing contracts to help keep their census full. Thanks to the unethical marketing practice called “patient brokering”, more facilities need to rely on digital marketing as the new standard practice.

The addiction treatment industry needs an ethical solution to these issues. Addicts and their loved ones should be able to easily find the right treatment center, without being taken advantage of.

MGMT’s Approach to Marketing for Drug Treatment Centers

So how does MGMT handle addiction marketing differently than the hundreds of internet marketing agencies out there?

First off, we understand the industry. MGMT is made up of a team who has experienced treatment, worked at facilities, and done overall marketing for rehabs for a combined 14+ years. We understand the in’s and out’s of addiction treatment which allows our team to help you effectively market and manage your facility’s core business needs so your focus is treating clients.

We created this marketing group and management team that’s with you every step of the way, which allows you to focus on your core business.

Understanding the needs of a rehab facility can be underestimated by typical digital marketing companies, but not MGMT. We are a boutique digital marketing agency that understands that it is about the connection between how people find you, how you handle the calls for business, and the quality of services provided to clients. Because of this MGMT can create unique marketing packages that tackle each area in running and marketing a drug treatment center.

Addiction Center Marketing Done Right

We know how time consuming owning and running a treatment center can be. Not all facilities have the capabilities to hire a full in house marketing team, which is were our unique approach to addiction marketing can help. If you are having issues with your call center we can help train your staff and audit your processes so that every call is being answered in the best way possible to help your potential clients get the help they need.

There is an urgency to the work we do and we are aware of it. As a company of recovering addicts we know things have gotten worse in the past year and the more we can help market your facility, the more we help others suffering from addiction. We help get them the help they need by putting your facility in the right place at the right time.

The future of addiction marketing is moving towards a society that uses social media and search engine to meet their demand for treatment and to aid in their continued recovery. The digital world is becoming the most relied upon way to get help for a drug problem.

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