LegitScript Certification Process: Your Guide

legitscript certification process for paid advertising

LegitScript Certification Process:
Your Guide

Unfortunately, within the industries of addiction treatment, online pharmacies, supplement sellers, CBD manufacturers, and telemedicine providers, there is a history of misleading or scamming customers. These deceivers take advantage of people searching for the help they need. Google (and other major search engines) now take it as their responsibility to monitor and regulate these businesses when it comes to advertising on their platforms. This is where Legitscript came into play.

What is Legitscript?

Legitscript provides proof of legitimacy for healthcare providers, drug rehabs, and more. This legitimacy is backed by an in-depth vetting process that ensures each website is in compliance with laws and regulations. It is required in order to advertise drug rehabs.

To fully understand Legitscript, we have to take a look at the history of online advertising within the addiction treatment space. In 2017, the HHS declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency after witnessing 42,000 opioid-related deaths in 2016. As a result of the mass amounts of people addicted to painkillers and other opiates, there was a large increase in the need for addiction treatment.

Sadly, this gave third-party scammers the opportunity to attempt to con the thousands of addicts and loved ones looking for help. To counter this, Google actually banned all ads targeting drug rehab related keywords in September of 2017. However, in 2018, Google started allowing facilities to target these keywords if they were certified with Legitscript.

The Benefits of Being LegitScript Certified

Within the addiction treatment industry, there are many benefits to having a Legitscript certification. Your addiction treatment center could start moving the needle quickly after obtaining this certification.

First of all, with this certification, you will be able to advertise your rehab center on Google using “addiction treatment” keywords. Pay-per-click advertising is an extremely fast and effective way to see traffic and conversions increase. For example, “best drug rehabs” is searched 390 times per month, “alcohol treatment” is searched 6,600 times per month, and “drug rehabs per me” is searched a whopping 14,400 times per month.

These search results pages are highly saturated and extremely difficult to obtain a spot on without paid advertising. Obtaining a Legitscript certification makes your brand much more discoverable to a very large audience. 

It also helps you stay competitive. Since Google rolled out a Legitscript certification requirement a few years ago, many of your competitors have jumped on the opportunity to advertise within this space and are already certified. In order to stay relevant, it is important that you catch up to your competition in online advertising.

Another benefit to being Legitscript certified is credibility to the users, not just to Google. When potential clients or loved ones of clients see that your center is properly licensed and verified to be ethical, they feel reassured and more willing to trust you with their lives.

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What Is the Process to Get Legitscript Certified?

The process of getting Legitscipt certified can be monotonous, which is what our PPC agency for Healthcare is here for. We will be able to help you submit the required items in order to fit the criteria and prove to Google and Legitscript that your business fits within the restrictions. 

To begin with, your center must fit this criteria:

  • Be registered as an LLC or corporation
  • Be an in-person treatment provider, a mutual support group or a helpline (see Legit Script’s description here.)
  • Be insured, and submit proof of general liability insurance
  • Be compliant with licensing agreements and laws within your state
  • Your website must be transparent with the facility’s location
  • Your website’s domain name must be registered and public

You will, in most cases, need to submit the following:

  • Written policies and procedures of best practices and services provided within your center, including an anti-kickback policy
  • Incentives that you give your employees
  • Locations where you have rehab facilities
  • Past owners and/or business names (if applicable)
  • Any legal disputes your center has been apart of
  • Resumes and license information for employees who require a license to practice

The process of getting this certification can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months, and may include an in-person examination from Legitscript to ensure your treatment center is up to their standards. Legit Script does offer expedited certification for an additional fee which can move the process along in a more timely manner. It is important to comply with everything that Legitscript asks from your center, or the certification will not be granted.


How MGMT Digital Can Help Ease the Process of Legitscript Certification

MGMT Digital is here to make this process smoother and more efficient. Our goal is to ensure that you can focus on caring for your clients, while we worry about the technical side of your business’s marketing. Not only will we ensure that you obtain this certification, but our PPC experts will then be able to handle your paid advertising.

With 20+ years of combined experience in digital marketing within addiction treatment, our team has the knowledge your site needs in order to convert well at the lowest cost possible. Get in touch with our team today, and we can begin the process that will help you help more people.

We Wrote A Blog About Ourselves…

We Wrote a Blog About Ourselves...

No, we're not egotistical... We just thought you should know who we are!

MGMT Digital is a boutique marketing agency that specializes in the addiction treatment and mental health industry. Founded in 2017, the MGMT team has been fortunate enough to build treatment centers’ brands and help others who help others. Since the beginning, the mission has always remained the same: to be an ethical solution in the industry that we love. Strategically put together, the team at MGMT Digital is comprised of individuals in recovery that have worked in the digital marketing and treatment industry for many years- a team who collectively knew there was a strong need for authentic, organic growth for centers that struggled with building their brand and increasing their census. 

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What Is Special About Us?

Remaining a boutique agency since the start, MGMT Digital’s biggest focus is on communication. The treatment industry is personal, so the team at MGMT is as well. Having a personal relationship with clients and truly understanding their program and goals is how the MGMT team is able to achieve the results that centers need. That’s exactly where the drive comes from.

How We Help

Throughout the years, MGMT Digital has helped treatment centers throughout the country stabilize, grow, and expand by utilizing every effective angle of marketing necessary for a center to thrive. Acting as an in-house team at an agency rate, MGMT Digital offers cost-effective, full-service packages to get facilities where they deserve to be. MGMT Digital is always looking for additional centers to help thrive and succeed while they help our recovering community. If you work or own a treatment center, visit MGMT Digital or call 1 (866) 248-4857 for a free website audit, analysis and proposal today.

Reminder: If you haven’t already, tell someone you love them.

Much Love,

Why Every Business Needs Digital Marketing

why you need digital marketing for your business

Why You Need Digital Marketing For Your Business

Chances are, if you’re not succeeding in business in 2018, it’s due to your marketing. Digital marketing is not only essential, it’s crucial. The reality is, in this day and age, marketing represents a vast amount of presence in the business world. The physical age is over. The truth is, if you’re not in this digital world yet, you probably don’t have much of a presence. Yes, we know the truth hurts but sometimes, it’s what we need to hear.

This digital world that I’ve been speaking of is ever-changing. In fact, 76% of people think marketing has changed more in the past two years than it did over the previous fifty (Adobe). So the good news is, if you don’t know how to market your business or brand, there are people and agencies that constantly keep up with these changes- so reach out to one.

What to Look For In a Digital Marketing Team

It’s probably important that you know some things to look out for though. Make sure that whatever agency you contact is well-equipped with experience. The number one thing you should look out for is if an agency has a solid strategy planned to really show the world what you have to offer. Without that, they probably have much success in doing so. With an effective strategy, the goal of digital marketing is to bring you a high volume of traffic, from your target audience, that will convert as clients, customers or consumers. There are some key things that should be included in this strategy. Let’s start with SEO.

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Search Engine Optimization is Key to Long-Term Growth

Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is a marketing strategy based on building visibility by increasing the amount of inbound organic traffic through major search engines. In other words, it is a way to help people who are looking for a business like you, find you. On these search engines, you want to be on that first page. Chances are, most people aren’t even looking past that first page. But in order to get there, it takes time and a ton of work. While building up your organic presence, another strategy used is paid advertising.

Pay Per Click Advertising Gets You Traffic Immediately

PPC, Paid-per-click, is a way to advertise to get your name out there immediately. Essentially, it is a way to form a presence by buying visits to your online page right away. Most PPC is used on search engines, allowing users to place an ad related to the keyword searched at the front page to bring even more traffic to their site. In order to keep these users though, you need a great landing page that captures someone almost instantly. Without that, you are going to be paying for pointless clicks. Yes, you are paying for every time that link is clicked, but if you make a sale it should be well worth your money.

Social Media: The New Way We Connect with Each Other

Social media is another way to really brand your business’s name. It allows you to have a presence where most don’t via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We don’t see many people today without these apps on their smartphones; even the older generation has caught on to the social media wave.  Social media allows us to have a presence or present a certain idea in simple ways, using images and quick text. According to Statista, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones. What is easily accessible on mobile devices? Social media apps. When putting your brand out there on a social media platform, it lets users know you have some sort of reputation and it really opens your audience to a bigger crowd.

Don’t Get Left Behind, Let Your Business Stand Out From the Rest with Quality Digital Marketing

Just how you like to look good, your business has to look good too. I shouldn’t have to stress the importance of having a web design that competes. Certain design elements allow you to stand out and be remembered. From a logo to your color scheme, you want to appeal to your audience at first glance. Your website should represent your brand and should show the time and energy that you put into your business. Just like you don’t use the same suit you had from the 80’s, your website shouldn’t be outdated and a new modern look is the way to go. But it goes even deeper than design. Making sure your website is ‘SEO friendly’ and easy to navigate for your users is so necessary. In fact, your website won’t be seen by the masses if it’s not. Just like it takes seconds to make a good first impression when meeting someone new, the same goes for your digital appearance.

The point, every business in today’s world needs digital marketing. The majority of the population is going to the Internet to figure out where to eat, what to buy, who to see for anything they do. Don’t get lost in the times that no longer exist. Don’t fail because you’re set in old ways. Don’t miss out on success that is easily attainable when you utilize what’s needed. Digital marketing is now and digital marketing is the future.